Off my Nut

Just for the crack, wrote it in five mins. (IT DEFO WASNT A DARE!!!)


1. Just with a little Nip.

I looked around, eyes frosty, was this finally it? Was I finally going crazy? I was forced down to the ground by broad men in white jackets. There was a little nip and everything began to blur. I saw them everywhere, even though I knew there was none left. Then everything went completely black.

In the back of my mind I knew what was happening, I had just run up the street screaming, knocking over people, I had completely lost my nut. All of it gone, I remember when I took the last lick of the ice sparkled substance. It tasted so good, and it was the last. I have eaten all of the ice-cream in our town, now they were dragging me to the mad house, and I would never survive.

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