Paper Hearts

Madeline comes into school everyday to find a little paper heart lying on her desk, signed anonymously. But with two (and possibly three?) boys in her life, will she identify the sender? I'm just having a little go at romance. Not very good at it, but worth a shot!


2. Two -Maybe Three Boys


Beautiful eyes...


Face of an angel...


The sharp voice of Ms Harley echoed through my mind, snapping me out of my trance.

Oh, but he was gorgeous...

"Yes, Ms Harley?"

"I have called your name three times Madeline, and you barely acknowledge me when you are paying attention!"

"Oh. Sorry, Ms Harley."

"I should hope so. Now, Pearson?"

I continued gazing in the same place. I was looking at Will Rosen, the boy I have been crushing on since year seven. It was just so easy to get lost in his eyes - and his nose, and mouth, and hair, and - well, everything about him, really! I was certain he didn't like me, but let a girl dream. Sitting next to him was Josh - my boyfriend. The only boy mad enough to like me and actually agree to date me. Well, I don't think he does like me really, but just wanted a girlfriend. Now he has one, he prefers another girl who is already taken. And her name is Eve Davenport. 

I continued looking around the classroom, and my eyes came to rest on Sam Clarke. Sitting at his desk in his trilby hat, I instantly looked away when his gaze met mine. He grinned, but I turned around quickly; I knew Eve would Either give me stick about it or get angry that I was flirting with a boy she didn't like. Or both. At last, the bell rang, and I was relieved to exit the room and prepare for the joys (haha) of French. What an introduction to Year 11.

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