Paper Hearts

Madeline comes into school everyday to find a little paper heart lying on her desk, signed anonymously. But with two (and possibly three?) boys in her life, will she identify the sender? I'm just having a little go at romance. Not very good at it, but worth a shot!


3. The Heart

"Ouch!" I yelped momentarily as the hockey ball thwacked against my leg. I did shut up quickly though, sighing and running up the pitch. Eve was on my team, and she'd never forgive me if I lost the first game of the year for her, even if it's only a practice match. She would win it for us though; she always scored at least three goals in a game.

At the end of hockey I, like most girls, looked like I'd just risen from my grave and seen my own ghost. My hair had returned to its normal frizzy condition, sticking up like a mane around my head. My legs bruise-coated (despite my shin guards), heart racing, I must have looked half-mad. Eve, however, probably could have entered a beauty contest there and then and win, she was so perfect. Not a hair out of place, even after her rather ferocious tackle with Rebecca Peterson.

I yanked my school skirt back on, coughing and spluttering in the thick air of deodorant and body spray. Girls were bitching about each other all around me, clustered in their little half-naked groups, gossiping as they buttoned their shirts up. I quickly pulled my clothes over my head, grabbed my bag and pulled my hair down, resolving to tie it back up when I leave the room. 

I was about to head off on my long trek home, when I remembered I had left my homework on my desk. I took a quick turn towards the English classrooms, pushed open the door of 11H, and stepped into the classroom, until I was stopped dead in my tracks. I looked at the item on my desk, picked it up in my palm, feeling the crackly tissue paper on one side. I traced the intricate lace pattern round the edge with my finger, before turning the heart-shaped slip over to reveal a message.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

And Madeline is the one

My heart belongs to.


I carefully placed this in my pocket, thoughts racing through my head. Who had sent this? It was undoubtedly meant for me, but from who? Maybe Josh did l like me after all? Or was Will confessing his undying love to me in a romantic way? Whoever the sender was, I knew it would be fun finding out.

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