Paper Hearts

Madeline comes into school everyday to find a little paper heart lying on her desk, signed anonymously. But with two (and possibly three?) boys in her life, will she identify the sender? I'm just having a little go at romance. Not very good at it, but worth a shot!


6. The Date

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, adding yet another coat of mascara to my embarrassingly stubby eyelashes. To mask their length, I had smeared grey powder all over my eyelids, along with black eyeliner, all inexpertly applied.

I moaned. I really did look like a silly little girl who had been playing with mummy's makeup, and had nearly stabbed herself in the eye with a  mascara wand in the process. My frizzy hair hardly helped, either. It was a dark brown, similar to Eve's, but not long and glossy like hers. My hair was only to my shoulders, and frizzed out at mad angles. I had already washed and conditioned it three times, but to no avail. Pulling out a hairbrush, I tried not to grimace as I yanked at my unruly frizz. 

My outfit was worse. A dark navy dress, tightly fitting and cut short, hung around my skinny body as limply as lettuce. It would appear stunning on Eve, or any other girl for that matter, just not me. I had teamed it with a wide leather belt and sparkly white cardigan I had ferreted out of my wardrobe, but they just seemed to make matters worse.

Kicking my maths homework into a corner, I pushed the thoughts of my appearance out of the window and proceeded with my make-up applying.

All the while I was getting ready, however, one question begged my mind. Why did Josh want to see me so desperately? 



Tugging at my dress (I had just realised how short it was) I sauntered quietly into McDonald's. Josh clearly hadn't arrived yet, so I slid into a table and twiddled my thumbs patiently, fingering the paper hearts in my pocket for support.

Then, there was a figure in the doorway. He came and sat down opposite me, and I soon recognised the mouse brown hair, dull brown eyes, and spotty features. Josh had arrived.

And he didn't look happy.

"Hi," I muttered awkwardly, desperate to start a conversation. 

"Hey," He replied, in just as unenthusiastic a tone as me. "Look, Maddie, I need to tell you-"

"Well," I interrupted. "Let's get a bite to eat first." I hadn't had supper so I was starving.

"Right." Josh agreed, as he walked up to the counter, ordering some food. "Burger and coke okay for you?"


When he came back, he finished off his sentence. "Maddie, I need to tell you something."

"Okay," I replied airily.

There were two things he could say. One, that he loved me desperately, and had in fact been the one sending me little notes, and would never leave me, and who cares about Eve? My love was all he needed and wanted, and he would one day intend on marrying me.

On the other hand, there was option two. He could say he loved another (*cough* Eve *cough*), and thought it was time we took separate ways.

I didn't really want to hear either, but did I get a choice? No.

"Maddie, I just don't think we're..." he paused, thinking of the right word. "meant to be together. We just aren't right for each other, you and me. I'm sorry." And with that he upped and left, leaving me alone.

Right, well, no surprise there, I thought to myself. I suppose that's at least one boy down, who could have been sending notes.

I walked home confidently, but all the while my heart was sinking, I'll admit.

Josh had held a place in my heart, and with him gone everything seemed a shade darker.

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