Paper Hearts

Madeline comes into school everyday to find a little paper heart lying on her desk, signed anonymously. But with two (and possibly three?) boys in her life, will she identify the sender? I'm just having a little go at romance. Not very good at it, but worth a shot!


7. Cheater

Deflated. Aggravated. And rather pissed off too. That is the only way I can describe how I felt the next Monday, watching Josh kiss another girl in broad daylight. Her ebony hair was flicking out behind her, chocolate smooth skin shimmering in the sunlight. Tall, dark, mysterious, a positive angel in uniform.

Eve. Bloody. Davenport.

I should have known. From the way she had avoided me all weekend, never texting or calling once. We never normally went a day without seeing each other, but now I never wanted to glance at that perfect, spotless face again. Nor did I want to be blinded by shiny white teeth, dark, misty eyes, or that innocent laugh she had. Now I knew that laugh was fake.

She was fake.

And I hated her.

She already had a boyfriend, yet here she was, kissing my ex for all the world to see! Her actual boyfriend, whoever he was now (Eve had so many it was hard to keep track, so I doubt even she knew who was officially her boyfriend now, not that it mattered - everyone seemed to be in a relationship of some form with her), obviously wasn't present, since I saw no shouting lads, cursing Eve, or calling her a bitch. Plenty of wolf-whistling was in the air though, so I suppose it was lucky that the mystery boyfriend hadn't showed up.

Or unlucky.

I wasn't sure. I didn't know who's side I was on, though I knew perfectly well which side was right.

That is why, when I saw Eve with Will Rosen (Yes, the same Will Rosen I loved, but more on that later), and worked out they were a couple, I whispered to him, on the way out of science: "You do know that Eve was snogging Josh this morning, and just about every other boy in Miss Harley's class, right?"

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