Paper Hearts

Madeline comes into school everyday to find a little paper heart lying on her desk, signed anonymously. But with two (and possibly three?) boys in her life, will she identify the sender? I'm just having a little go at romance. Not very good at it, but worth a shot!


4. Aunt Clarissa

When I got home that day, I was greeted by two open arms. I look up at the great gelatinous mass that was, to my extreme horror and annoyance, Aunt Clarissa. Eurgh, I had forgotten she was coming round today.

"Madeline, DARLING!" she cried, running towards me with such gusto her bun came loose, letting a fountain of thick, wavy mouse brown hair tumble in abundance down her broad shoulders.

Clarissa is my mother's sister, but they might as well be from two completely different planets. Mum was little and pretty, with a short bob of dark hair but Clarissa, well, she was another species altogether. Arms like tree trunks, as she wobbled around the house, in her big exotically coloured dresses she had bought while on her many different holidays. Just as well I don't take after her, then.

I tried ducking away from this mountain of woman and made for the stairs, ready to dart up them and into my room, safe from Clarissa. She caught me though, and almost killed me in the process. Drowned by her endless amounts of silk gown, she choked me happily, while laughing: "My, look how much you've grown!" and "How old are you now then, Madeline? I haven't seen you for years."

"Fourteen." I said calmly, though it came out as more of a muffled squeak.

When she finally released me, I darted up the stairs two at a time, turned the corner and opened the door to my room. I collapsed on my bed, scrabbling around my skirt pocket for the heart. After pulling out old chewing gum, a crumpled up tissue and a pencil, I finally found it.

Examining it carefully, I turned it over and wrote the following down in my notebook.


1.) The sender has a computer, since the text has been typed, not written.

2.) The sender quite clearly likes me.

3.) I don't know a thing more about the sender.


I sighed, closed by notebook and was about to crack on with some homework, until I was called downstairs for supper. All the way through my macaroni and cheese, however, but my mind was completely diverted from eating,and could only concentrate on two things. One, the small paper heart I had in my pocket, and two, my third point in my notebook.

I just didn't know.

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