This Movella is just generally how I'm feeling, I have very few ways I can express my self on how I truly feel, so I was referred to Movella by my good friend Amber.


1. Attention seekers.

I know a few attention seekers in my life and I hate how they are, always about them, their life is better off then mine or a ton of other people I know, They are always like

"This is happening because of what I have done"

"Hey Look at my new cut I did it my self"

Just stop, The more attention you bring to your self the worse it will get. Yes, you will get attention but it will be spread around, your parents will find out AGAIN, and You will be bullied for it and it will be all your fault.

You say you like to hear the truth but when it actually comes to me telling you straight you get upset and annoyed at me for it. People who attention seek are ether wanting popularity or they have been raised as a spoilt brat. You backstab about girls in are school being liars and attention seekers, but the thing is you're a hypocrite because lets face it you do it too.

So stop self harming over petty reasons of: 

"Oh He said this to me today and it upset me"

" My life's a complete mess"

Just stop right their, if your family heard that they would think you are a complete liar, You have a nice house and a loving family who care about you very much so to say that is a complete and utter lies.

People like you annoy me so much just grow up.

Now you may think I'm just randomly raging about stuff like this but it's getting so annoying and irritating for you getting the attention you claim you don't even want.

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