All I Want

Yet again, we're screaming at eachother. I've completely forgotten what we're even fighting over. All I know is, I don't want him anymore and I'm fed up of his antics. But ever since that front door slammed, the only thing I can ask myself is "What have I done?"


2. I Have You, Don't I?

A distraction. That's what I needed.

Well 5 angry break-up songs, a tub of ice cream and several mascara tears later; He was still on my mind.

I can't stop staring at the phone; wishing he would call and willing myself not to.

I'll admit now that I was wrong to overreact. After all, he's never been one to lie so why should I distrust him? He's never hurt me and has always been by my side when others do. He always manages to find good in a bad situation and is forever smiling...

(A/N: Bold Italics symbolises a flashback)

"I don't get it."  I  muttered to him."Your parents are getting out of a messy divorce and you're not in an upset mood about it all?"

Caleb chucked to himself whilst reaching over to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear and at the same time, whispering:

"I have you don't I?"

Suddenly, a smash of glass distracted me from my train of thought.

Someone had just thrown a rock at my window!

I peered out of the window sensing a mixture of relief and happiness.

My sights revealed a sheepish-looking Caleb standing outside in the pouring rain.

 And in his hand?


A pile of rocks.



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