Christmas- New Start


1. Christmas









I helped Kate put up the Christmas lights, she laughed as the unstable Christmas tree landed on her, and I rushed to help her out from under the brightly decorated tree

“You ok?” I asked her, she grinned at me

“Yeah fine thanks.” She said smiling as we placed the angel on the top of the tree, she was wearing her ‘I love Santa’ top with her knitted boots with Christmas tree’s around the rim. I wore my red ruldoph sweater with my green vest top and my snowman necklace and tinsel in my hair. it was Christmas eve. There was a knock at the door,

“I will get it.” I muttered as I left Kate flicking through the Christmas Movie’s,  I opened the door, some of the white snow flooded in

“Hey.” Alex Hart said hugging me. I hugged him back,

“You ready?” I asked him, it was the Christmas dance tonight at school, “Cause I aint. Give me a minute, kay?” I said and dashed up stairs and found my black dress and pulled it on and removed the tinsel from my hair and let it fall down over my shoulders. I replaced the necklace with the locket that Grams had given me, and put on my red bracelet that Alex had given me. I slipped on my black high heels and pulled on my purple blazer and locked my room.

“Ready.” I said smiling at him, he grinned and recived my hand  ”You look beautiful.” He said stroking my cheek and kissing me on the lips. I smiled at him,

“Lets go. I don’t want Nancy to kill me.” I said grinning he smiled and held my hand and drove me to the Christmas Dance.


We arrived outside the lovely lite highschool at exactly Seven o’clock. Alex helped me out of the car, he held out his hand

“Thanks,” I said wobbling, he caught me

“Don’t fall.” He muttered. I smiled and held is hand

“Ice doesn’t scare me.” I said smiling; he grinned and escorted me to the school dance.


The Christmas music blared loud in the large Canteen, warm bodies danced in rhythm to the music. The DJ at the stands introduced the songs, in his Snowman hat, it was Harry Gooding, from the Jazz music group and he was hilarious. People laughed and chattered and refilled there drinks with punch and danced in pairs and in loud groups

“Rach!” Nancy called running up to me, and hugged me, she was wearing a tight red dress and blue high heels she looked incredible, James was behind her. I saw Jasmine in the crowd dancing and flirting with Adam, James smiled at me

“Hey.” He said grinning at me, I smiled back awkwardly, Alex grabbed my hand and turned me gracefully. I blushed despite my appalling dancing skills

“Can I have this dance?” he asked I smiled and nodded. He swept me out onto the large dance floor and twirled me around to ‘Last Christmas’ I danced with him in high sprits people entered the dance all in hoodie and black coats

“Who are they?” I asked him confused, he looked at me confused

“I don’t know.” He said looking around “Vampires.” He whispered, I caught him

“Their Vampires?” I asked him he nodded “Wait, here .. in Rushville High?” I asked he nodded and grabbed my hand and pushed his way through the crowd

“Do you know if Max is here?” He asked me, I nodded. Since Jessica had died he hadn’t done much but some of is old friends managed to get him out of the house and more involved in activities, not that he liked it one bit

“Yeah. Some of his friends forced him out the house. why?” I asked,

“Cause, this isn’t at all safe for him either.” He said, I followed close behind him, apologising for the people we bumped into, although people where happy and weren’t to harsh on us

“Why?” I asked, Alex turned around to me

“Because Jessica isn’t dead.” He replied, I yanked his arm

“Yes she is, we went to her memorial service. Max did a speech.” I said rembering, then I caught on “Wait, is she a vampire?” I asked him quietly he pushed me into an empty class room where Cameron and Nancy where waiting with Max

“Max!” I cried and rushed to hug him “Your okay?” I asked him, he nodded

“Yeah. Fine.” He said quietly nodding, good. I looked at Nancy

“I am here to help. Last spring when you told me you where a witch, I didn’t believe you. But I trust you Rachel to keep our town safe.” She said smiling kindly at me. I nodded

“Thanks.” I muttered,


Last Spring two months before my parents died, I took Nancy aside to tell her I was a witch she laughed and joked around for the next couple of weeks but she didn’t tell anyone. then my parents died and we weren’t such great friends.


“Ok, enough with the soppy love. Lets kick some vampire ass.” Cameron said standing up, I looked at him annoyed

“Yeah.” Nancy said smiling at me, she looked slightly annoyed with Cameron as well. Max looked at me confused

“Hey do you think you could call Jeff to take you home, or Kate?” I asked Max, I didn’t want him around to see this

“No.” he replied and got up from the table and swept from the room

“Urgh. I will get him. Alex, can I meet you back here in five?” I asked, he nodded as I left the room. As soon as I was out there was a wave of dancing people in brightly dressed clothes, I sighed and pushed my way through not bothering to say anything. I huffed and hunted but couldn’t find Max. I asked his friends I soon bumped into Jeff

“Hey have you seen my brother?” I asked him, he nodded

“Yeah. He just went that way with Jess. She came back from New York this morning.” He said smiling, 

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