Dont Let Go

This is a story i am writing about... Well i guess you will have to read and find out.
If you have already read the first chapter i have added more so please read :) i will add chapters every so often to keep up the 'suspense' :) I have still not finished so if you can comment and tell me some spooky/ scary things that could happen with or with not a clown but not really crazy. Thanks and enjoy :D


3. Don't let go- The Corridor


In the room down the murky bitter corridor was Kate’s, she was getting ready for bed, she put her school books into her bag, turned off the lights and got into bed. She lay there exited as she was going swimming tomorrow at her swimming club.

She lay there with her eyes open for about 5 minutes; she was staring at the ceiling at the 5 glow in the dark stars. They glistened in the darkness of the room illuminating the ceiling. Kate was about to go to sleep when one of the stars fell from the ceiling landing on her head. She went to pick it up but when she took hold of it, it stopped glowing. Suddenly another star fell and the rest followed but as soon as they touched the bed they stopped shining. Now Kate was sitting up wondering what was happening she heard a very quiet cymbal.

She quickly opened her eyes, turned on her torch and shinned it round the room to see what that sound was. She could see all the dust floating around the room as she illuminated parts of the room, she went past all her toys here soft toy animals, her old dolls she collected, puppets, everything but she couldn't see anything that could of made that cymbal noise so she turned of her torch and lay down but she didn’t dare to close her eyes.

The cymbal noise sounded again but this time she heard it twice she quickly turned on her torch again and looked around the room. she again looked past her soft toy animals her books and dolls then suddenly from the corner of her eye she saw a small toy china clown with cymbals in his hands, Kate kept her torch on this clown for a while just staring at it then out of the blue it started clapping over and over again. Kate after it clapped about the 10th time pulled her covers over her head tightly and as she did that the clown toy stopped she sat there shacking with fear. Suddenly she heard tapping on her door then  scratching.

Abruptly her handle creaked, slowly she could her the door open then rapidly her covers flung of her but nobody was in her room, the toy china clown was gone too. So Kate placed both her feet on the floor then stood up, she stepped forwards and then was about to run to grab her quilt when something grabbed her leg and she fell straight to the floor...

Then it went all silent......the room down the dark cold corridor was empty.

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