Dont Let Go

This is a story i am writing about... Well i guess you will have to read and find out.
If you have already read the first chapter i have added more so please read :) i will add chapters every so often to keep up the 'suspense' :) I have still not finished so if you can comment and tell me some spooky/ scary things that could happen with or with not a clown but not really crazy. Thanks and enjoy :D


2. Don’t let go- 17th July 2011


‘Mum, mum can I go to the circus please for my birthday’ shouted Kate, Kate was 7 years old girl who had long blonde hair and blue eyes, her cheeks where covered in freckles and she was a fashionable young girl who liked to wear the latest fashion and that included her hair style. Her hair was huge and looked like she could keep purse, pen and phone in hair and still have room for make-up.

‘Ok Kate if that’s what you really want to do for your birthday’ said Julie who was Kate’s mum and also had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore square burgundy glasses that looked like they were stuck onto her face. She had a good job as a graphic designer, it was a successful business and helps design things for movies like harry potter etc. She had all her designs kept behind locked doors in the house so that no one would mess them up; because of her successful business she had a lot of money to have the house of her dreams.

They lived in central London in a 6 room house some would say it was a mansion but Julie would refuse and say it was a slightly bigger house than others. The thing that made their house different from the rest was that they had a huge double door engraved with flowery patterns around the sides.

It looked quite old fashioned from the outside but when you walked inside it was like you walked into the future. The floors were wood but painted jet black, the right hand side wall was bright white and the left hand side was a duck egg blue with white flowers covering it.

Julie took out her phone and rang the circus to book a session ‘hello could I book a sitting for 3 people please......TODAY... oh well I guess that’s fine...... bye’

Julie called for Kate to get in the car then also called for Simon her son, who was 18 and had dark brown hair with also blue eyes. He was a medium build and didn't have a spot, mole or freckle anywhere on his face. As they drove to the circus Kate and Simon were sitting in the back as Julie had a birthday cake on the front seat as it was little jimmy’s birthday (Simon and Kate’s cousin). It took about 10 minutes to get to the circus and as soon as Julie parked her car in the car park  Sophie unstrapped herself and ran out the car.

She ran across the road and waited till Simon and Julie caught up. When they did Julie and Kate started to head up to the entrance of the circus when Kate asked for some candyfloss, So Julie headed off to the back of the circus to the candyfloss stand. Kate carried on towards the entrance of the circus when a clown appeared out of no were in front of her. Kate walked straight into his 'stomach' as she was much smaller than the clown.

He looked down at Kate to find her slowly lifting her head to look at him. The clown had a bleached white face created by the face paint he was wearing but was mottled revealing parts of his skin. the clown had perfectly presented red hair and his eyes had faint red veins coming from his pupils. His painted on mouth was pointed at the edges and was an amazing vivid scarlet as it was brightened by the sun, it made him look like he had an superb smile on his face even though he didn't. The clown gave Kate a faint unsettling smile and as Kate slowly stepped back to get a better look at the clown he said ‘sooooooo Kate would youuuu like a ballooooon?’ with a Chaotic, hollow, shrill tone to his voice. Kate anxious stepped back and in a whisper answered saying ‘yes please’ the clown placed his right hand behind his back and miraculously took out a ruby red balloon with Kate’s name already written on it, it glistened in the sun making it nearly impossible to look at but what she could see was the writing as it was dripping down the balloon and suddenly dried when it reached the end of it. The clown handed it to Kate, she took it and walked a bit further then she saw out of the corner of her eye, an amazing bouncy castle.

Kate then ran over to it but realised she had no where to place her balloon so sprinted to Simon who had just reached the entrance of the circus and placed the balloon into his hand and ran off. So Simon walked back over to his mum and explained to her that Kate just gave him the balloon to hold so he asked her if she could hold it but all Julie said was ‘just keep hold onto the balloon it’s not going to kill you’ so annoyed Simon walked off into the circus, took his seat and waited to watch the acts.

 Kate and her mum finally entered and took their seat they watched all the acts the clowns, the elephants etc and then it finally finished, Kate and her mum went to get some candy floss while Simon stayed outside still holding the balloon, then suddenly a gust of wind hit him and with a stumble he let go of the balloon, it went floating up into the deep dark blue sky, suddenly the sky turned gray and it started to rain Kate and Julie came out of the circus, then suddenly Kate realised Simon wasn’t holding the balloon ‘it slipped out of my hand when I tripped over’ explained Simon, Kate crying ran back to her mum and said ‘ Simon let go of my balloon on purpose’ ‘it’s raining so we have to go home I will get you another one some other time’ shouted Julie as the rain was getting heaver, so without her balloon Kate, Simon and there mum got back into the car and drove home.

When they had arrived home Julie shouted ‘DONT argue and DONT fight as I’m going to make your tea!’ ‘By the way, Simon you need to feed the fish!’ Simon groaned, walked to the fish tank and started tapping on the glass very lightly, the fish just sat there, so Simon took a small pinch of fish food and was about to drop it into the water when Kate screamed ‘Simon the laptop won’t come on again’ so Simon turned round and shouted back ‘wait a minute’ Simon turned back around to the tank and was about to drop the food in the tank when the fish was gone, Simon picked up the small building in the tank but the fish was nowhere to be seen it had vanished, confused Simon stood up and slowly walked to the living room to fix the computer when he got there the laptop was on but Kate was still going on and on about it being broken, but Simon didn’t understand, the laptop was on but Kate couldn’t see it, Kate started to get frustrated so Simon tried to turn it off to see if when he turned it off it will turning on for Kate but nothing happened......suddenly an eye appeared on the screen he looked carefully at it, it was all pixalaited but he could tell that there was a reflection on the eye, it was a mask, a mask that looked abnormal like nothing he had seen ever before but even though it was weird he could defiantly make out that it was a mask of a clown , Simon asked  Kate if she could see it but she just groaned and shouted ‘Stop being stupid and TURN ON THE LAPTOP.’ Simon turned back around to the screen but it was gone the screen was just fizzing and blipping ‘thanks Simon’ said Kate in a sarcastic way and she sat down and started to play on the laptop until... ‘Tea’s ready’.

 Simon now quite bewildered walked slowly to the table for his tea, he sat down and hardly touched his food "are you all right" asked Julie, Simon didn't answer so she asked him again.

‘I don’t feel too well’ explained Simon so she told him to go and lie in his bed.

So off he went up stairs to his room and lay in his bed, he lay there for a while thinking about how all this could of happened then got up to go to his laptop to research about the circus. He thought to himself this all started as soon as he let go of the balloon, so he turned on his laptop and searched and searched until he typed into google 'the circus of James' as to Simons amazement  at the bottom of the page was “1994 disappearance at circus of James” he clicked on it and read it, “Michael, farther of Sophie who disappeared on the 2nd February 1994 all the evidence there was, was a balloon with her name on it, the police have been searching for mouths but no sign of where she is. They searched for finger prints but there were none, not even the finger prints of Sophie”. There was a picture of the balloon it was Rosy red and the name was written in a scribbled sort of way and also dripping down the balloon, he carried on reading the news “Michael also disappeared 2 months later in his house and again the only evidence was a balloon the same shape and colour as his daughters with his name on also, we don’t know who’s doing this but we will keep you up to date on any news”, Suddenly it came to Simon that the balloon that Kate had gave to him was the same colour as the one in the picture and to come to think of it the name on the balloon was exactly the same as the one on the picture. Then suddenly the computer turned off.

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