Dont Let Go

This is a story i am writing about... Well i guess you will have to read and find out.
If you have already read the first chapter i have added more so please read :) i will add chapters every so often to keep up the 'suspense' :) I have still not finished so if you can comment and tell me some spooky/ scary things that could happen with or with not a clown but not really crazy. Thanks and enjoy :D


1. Don't Let Go- March 20th 1994


Don’t let go.

March 20th 1994


For many years he took them, one or occasionally two, but he was careful not to be noticed, but this time everything would change.


On one sundrenched spring morning at 2pm the Pauls where in their car when suddenly they passed a colossal red and white tent, the circus of James was the name of the tent. ‘Daddy, daddy can I go to the circus please...... pretty please’ inquired Sophie. Michael, Sophie’s dad replied saying,

‘Ok, you have been a good girl today so I guess I’ll take you to the circus’ sighed Michael.

So he stopped the car and stepped out opening Sophie’s door, she then jumped out and over the road she went.

 She raced in advance to the entrance of the circus, but wasn’t able to reach her destination for she had bumped into the back of a clown. It slowly twisted its head to look at the girl; he had red hair perfectly presented on top of his head in three places, one placed on top of his head and the other two on the other sides of his head.

He stared at Sophie, a bitter icy stare; he did not change his emotion through the time he was in contact with Sophie, his face looked cracked, cracked like china and was bright white with red on some parts and black around his eyes.  Slowly he turned his body to face her, He placed his right hand behind his back and slowly pulled out a readymade ruby red balloon with Sophie’s name written on it.

The inscription on the balloon was written in a scribbled sort of way and must of been written on with paint as it was dripping down the balloon as he held onto it, Sophie gradually moved forwards and took hold of the balloon. When she finally gripped onto it she stepped backwards to find Michael out of the corner of her eye buying candy floss, so she ran over to him and explained the exiting new news of her new balloon to Michael.

Michael smiled then handed her the candy floss and took Sophie into the circus. They started to walk through the entrance when Michael turned around to say thank you to the clown but the clown had gone from sight. They finally entered and took their seats and waited for the show to commence.

 It began and they watched the clowns and the comedians and all the other acts but in the middle of the elephant part Sophie let go of her balloon, she started to cry as her balloon flew slowly towards the ceiling of the immeasurable red tent and disappeared out of site with a small bang. Simon convinced Sophie to stop crying as he told her he would get her a balloon at the end of the show.

After the show was over, Michael went to thank the clown for the balloon he had given to Sophie and to also get another one for her, but before he departed he told her to stay in the chair while he tried to find the clown. so off Sophie went but he couldn’t find him anywhere so he went to the manager to ask where the clown was so he could get another balloon, but the manager acknowledged him that he didn’t have a clown handing out balloons, so Michael confused and concerned walked back to get Sophie to go home but when he went back to get her from the chair she was gone.

There was no sign of her the only thing there was, was the balloon she had let go many moments before which was now just buoyant above the seat of the chair.

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