The Blackout

In there they where waiting, waiting for that one signel...


2. The blackout- 7th June 2014- 8:45pm

7th June 2014-8:45pm    

The body guards who made sure only invited guests entered waited outside the doors. There were 15 minutes for the party to commence, so two body guards decided to enter the party when a rev of an engine was heard. An infinite black limo drove up to the doors, the driver got out of the door and moved slowly around to the passenger’s door. The driver was wearing a jet black hat and had his head drooping down not showing any facial features at all. He placed his left gloved hand onto the handle and pulled it open; a black extensive polished shoe appeared in the doorway making its way to the floor. The next foot then followed and the personage stood up.

He was wearing an onyx black pin-striped suit, a pearly white t-shirt and a black bow-tie. Covering most of his face was half a white mask, it covered one side of his face and his forehead leaving his left side of his face bare but the person had applied face paint to his face. His left side to his face was covered in white paint and around his eye was black, it wasn’t applied perfectly as it was mottled revealing some of his actual skin tone.

He started to stride towards the vast glass door, the two guards then started to ask for his invite but he did not answer. The driver of the limo now back inside the car drove away but still no answer from the person. The guards now took a step forwards getting a bit aggressive but took two steps back when the personage placed his right hand into his pocket and took out pistol, the guards now quickly took out their guns when...

A trail of blood flowed down the gravel of the road leading down to a drain.

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