The Goblin Under The Stairs

Stair Goblins live under the stairs and i will be telling you about the one that lives under mine.


1. The Goblin

There is a Goblin under the stairs of every house of any shape or form. Now i will tell you about the Goblin under my stairs. Every night i here him banging the walls and throwing things around. He never comes out of the stairs but he can live. He lives off the mud on the back of our shoes and drinks the sweat from ouur shoes. He can be very anoying. My Goblin is very anoying because he throws all the shoes off the shelf and takes all the coats and jumpers off the hooks. He sleeps in an old gym bag with an old jumper as a cover. I have never seen him but my brother did see a bit of what he thinks is his arm.

Is there a Goblin under your stairs?

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