Divided Circle

A tauren druid's attempts to reconcile with the alliance members of the Cenarion Circle


2. The Price of Revenge

Dahen woke early and left the inn, he took a stroll around the glade taking in all the sights and sounds. Small animals could be heard in the undergrowth. As he walked he spotted a troll sat at the edge of the lake meditaing, Dahen approached slowly not wanting to interupt,

"Finally, someone who isn't one of dem night elves" the troll announced before the tauren had even got close. "some of dem not appriciatin Ra'lin being arround ere."

"I have recieved the same response" Dahen responded sitting down near him "How do you cope with it?"

"Ah, Ra'lin just be stayin out of dah way mon, they dont bother me out ere." Ra'lin replied.

"So they are hostile towards you?" Dahen inquired

"Some are, but most just ignore ya or stare at ya like you be a stain on da earth, I can tell when i dont be wanted" Ra'lin answered.

"How quaint, plotting to kill us all in our sleep? or to burn down our sanctuary?" came a voice from the forest

Dahen recoginised it from the other day "Lyola is it? Come sit, let us talk." Dahen offered

"What, so you can stab me in the back when i let my guard down, not likely." She appeared at the edge of the woods she was flanked by two others, one was the guard from yesterday the other a worgen.

"If you not be wahntin ta talk, den i tink it be best ya leave." Ra'lin spoke evenly

"Us leave! You are in OUR lands scum, we are here to make you leave one way or the other."

The night elf looked almost hysterical, Dahen was sure the loss of her daughter had driven her mad.

"This place is sacred and a sanctuary, no blood sould be spilt here and we have as much right to be here as you." Dahen retorted calmly.

"Fine, kill them!" She shifted into a nightsaber and lept straight for Dahen, the worgen joined her howling in glee whilst the guard beelined for Ra'lin.

The Horde druids reacted immediatly, Ra'lin taking on the form of a tiger and Dahen a great bear.

Lyola lept at his face but Dahen batted her aside with one great paw, the claws slicing into her face leaving twon long scars above and below her eye.He moved towards her and then roared in pain as the worgen lept onto his back and raked his claws down Dahen's flanks. Dahen reared up and shook the worgen off but felt Lyola's teeth close about his foot, he toppled and she leapt ontop of him and lunged at his throat, he closed his eyes in preparation for the end but felt a weight lifted off of him. He opened his eyes in time to see Lyona being thrown into the woods, he looked the other way and saw Ganar readying yet another spell and Relana in nightsaber form ripping the worgen's throat out. He looked up to see Lyola fleeing in stormcrow form. He stood up and felt a fresh wave energy flow through him as Ganar healed him, he turned to where Ra'lin had been and saw the troll locked in an embrace with the dead guard. The guards face was mauled and his throat ripped out, Ra'lin had a glaive sticking out of his chest.

"We heard the howling and came as fast as possible, what happened?" Ganar asked

Dahen moved over to Ra'lin's body and pushed the guard off of him and pulled out the glaive out of his chest. He searched for signs of life but found none.

"They ambushed us, I tried to reason with her but she was hysterical." Dahen replied.

"How could she do such a thing! In the Moonglade too, Remulos will be furious." Relana exclaimed

"She is gone now and her accomplices are dead, I should arrange to have the body sent back to the Echo Isles."Dehan said somberly

"Some good may come of this,"Ganar reassured him "the others will see that Lyola was insane and may discourage people from siding with these people."

"Earthmother help me." Dahen muttered as he stooped to pick up Ra'lin's body and slowly walked towards the town.

Ganar follwed hauling the worgen's corpse and Relana the guards. As they entered a crowd quickley gathered looks of alarm on their faces. They were all shouting and muttering wondering what had happened.

"Calm," called Ganar "I will explain everything, These two, along with, Lyola broke our laws, they attacked two druids of the circle, Ra'lin," he gestured towards the troll's corpse, "was slain on our watch, is this what we have become? We allow our friends to be slaughtered because of their race? This needs to stop we all know our duty is to help heal this world and we should be unitd in that goal and not let old issues tear us apart. We are strongest together, we proved this in the third war and maytimes since then. Would we have defeated the Silithids in Ahn'Qiraj if we had not stood as one? Or stopped Kil'jaeden. If we stand together we are unstoppable, together with member of the Horde and the Alliance we saved Hyjal, our friends have earned their place many times over and still some of you look down upon them."

Their was murmurings amongst the crowd some looked ashamed of themselves whilst others nodded at Ganar's words. But some fixed Dahen with a stare before looking away, almost in disgust.

I have much work still to do thought Dahen, I should report back to Thunder Bluff and arrange transport for Ra'lin's body. He siged and watched as the crowd disspersed, he turned and walked towards the inn heading for his room. The guards moved the bodies in to a building out of sight.

On the outskirts of Nighthaven, perched in a tree sat a stormcrow, it watched the taurens progress, as the bird turned it's head to follow him it revealed to long scars down the side of it's face. It turned and flew into the sky disappearing from sight.

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