Divided Circle

A tauren druid's attempts to reconcile with the alliance members of the Cenarion Circle


1. Friends and Enemies

The stormcrow dropped through the canopy and thudded to the ground, it was large, unusually so, with brown feathers and yellow eyes that looked out of place on a bird. It casually observed its surroundings. The sun had just begun to set. The quite tranquility of Moonglade was only broke now and again by the whisphering of the wind or the sound of leaves being crushed under foot. The stormcrow jerked suddenly and began a startling transformation. Clawed feet became hooves and horns grew from its head. In a short time a fully grown Tauren bull was stood in its place. He sighed and started his journey towards Nighthaven. He looked towards the lake in the centre of the glade, its blue water almost perfectly still. The silence was a welcoming change to the bustling city of Orgrimmar.

"Dahen Wildmane! I haven't seen you in a while!"

Dahen turned and smiled "Good to see you Relana"

A female night elf approached him her slim form barely visible in the dusk, from what Dahen could see he could tell she hadn't changed much, her green hair hung to about waist length whilst her silvery eyes shimmered, her purple skin made her nearly immposible to see in the darkness. As she moved towards him he once again noticed how cat like she was he wondered if it was a side effect of spending to much time in her nightsaber form.

"It is good to be back, how are things?" Dahen asked.

Relana's face dropped "well...things have been..difficult."

"How so?" Dahen asked concerned with her response.

"Well with everything going on, the war and everything, relationships have been strained, the attack on the grove in Stonetalon is still lingering in many of my people's minds and some of the worgen are still bitter about the loss of their land. Its only a few but as most here are night elves we have seen less and less of tauren and troll druids, they feel as though they are not wanted, their efforts in Hyjal have helped somewhat but some are slow to forget their grudges." Relana replied

"It is understandable, such atrocities should never have been commited." Dahen replied thinking deeply. " Let us go then I have much to discuss with you." Dahen turned and started walking with purpose towards Nighthaven.

"But why are you here? Relana questioned

"Many of the druids, especially Hamuul, were worried that this would happen and they sent me to test the waters and see if I can help in anyway." Dahen admitted "We value our friendship with the other druids and our place within the circle and want to make sure it is as strong as it can be."

"You may face some opposition then, some of the more disgruntled amoungst us tried to oppose letting the trolls join but when that failed they simple tried to cause trouble between the two factions, this will be an oppourtunity for them to cause lasting damage" Relana responded

They approached the entrance to Nighthaven, the guards spotted them immediatley the group was made up of two night elves and two tauren. The tauren and one night elf nodded respectfully and Dahen nodded in return, the second elf stared coldly before nodding his head slightly to Relana.

"I take it that is one of them?" Dahen queried

"Yes" Relana whisphered in response.

As they approached the lodge where the innkeeper was they were intercepted.

A tall male night elf approached, his robes marked him out as a important druid, he moved towards them and they both bowed recognising him as being of a higher rank.

He smiled at Relana before turning his gaze towards the tauren "I am Ganar, What brings you here, friend?"

"I am here on behalf of Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, he sent me to assist in anyway I can to help the circle through these difficult times."

"Very good, I welcome your..."

"Ha, We don't need their kind here, YOU want to help us? Why don't you go regrow Ashenvale or bring back all the innocents you have killed! How dare you..."

Dahen flinched under the fusilade from the screeching night elf women who had just appeared.

"HOLD YOUR TOUNGE LYOLA!" Ganar intterupted "He is a friend and our guest!"

"Friend, were the tauren our "friends" when the Horde bombed innocnet night elves?, When the forest heart was courrpted? NO so don't tell me they are friends" She turned and stormed off

"I am so sorry," Gamar said turning back to Dahen "She lost her daughter in Stonetalon" He explained

"I feel for her loss" Dahen replied

"Excuse me I have matters to attend to." Ganar turned and walked away a look of frustration upon his face.

Dahen turned to Relana "It appears I have a lot of work to do."

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