The Girl in the Haunted Grave Yard

This is a story about two girl who are haunted by a girl and how they uncover the truth and in the end fall in love with 2 boys who saved them and are vampires :) but what exactly happens next???


7. Tom, his soul and the past


We went to another funeral. Chiara and me were tired of funerals.  It was hard seeing your school mates dead.  When SigridKerry took Tom’s soul she took it and then became more powerful.  When she actually took his soul, did she began to form a body or not? 



                                                        ¤                     ¤                  ¤


Then when we went home we had recieved an invitation to a party from our friend.  Her name is Tracy.  The party was going to be held in a place near the cemetry in the woods to make it really spooky for Halloween. 


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