The Girl in the Haunted Grave Yard

This is a story about two girl who are haunted by a girl and how they uncover the truth and in the end fall in love with 2 boys who saved them and are vampires :) but what exactly happens next???


25. The mysterious ghost woman

As we were back to the house we saw a woman appering. We were so frightened we beagn to shout like maniacs. She was appearing and then fading again. As she had control of the fading she began to talk to us and trying to calm us down.


We began to ask her who she was and what she was doing here. She told us that she is Sigridkerry's mum. We were so shocked that we couldn't even talk. She said that when Sigridkerry was young she hated them alot and altough they loved her and bought her everything (toys, mobile's, laptops etc....) she stil hated them and then she told us that when she was 10 years old on Friday the 13 th she killed them with her own hands.


Her mum said that Sigridkerry did this whilst they were sleeping. She had entered their room holding a knife in her hands and stabbed them both in their hearts. Her mum also said that the last words she heard coming out from her (Sigridkerry's) mouth were:'I HOPE I WILL NEVER HAVE TO SEE YOU AGAIN IN SOME WAY'. We were very said as we loved her so much.


After a little more explaning she told us that her name was Susan and her husband's name was William. She said that she needed to sho us something upstairs and pointed her hand to the staircase and the stairs started joining all the cracked bits together.she warned us that when we get up there not to screem. We promised and went up and when we got we saw a horrifying seen consisting of................

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