The Girl in the Haunted Grave Yard

This is a story about two girl who are haunted by a girl and how they uncover the truth and in the end fall in love with 2 boys who saved them and are vampires :) but what exactly happens next???


17. The mysterious death pool


Near a pool we found kinnda of a weird  form that read:


Marine waters






1)  Blood in a pool: -Run out of the pool

                                             Stay in the pool


                                             - Try to see what is happening


2) If someone got grabbed under the water: - Get out of the pool       

                                                                             - Try to save her/him    

                                                                             - Don't care              


3) Death in the pool: - Grab the person who is dead

                                     - Get out of the pool

                                     - Laugh      


4) If rats are swimming in the pool during the night: - Stay out of the pool       

                                                                                           - Go swimming anyway

                                                                                           - Wouldn't go near the place      


Comments:          When ever I'm away you think your safe but your not, when ever your near water you 

                                                        are more closer to danger of falling, tripping or even getting killed by me. SigridKerry.



Name:  SigridKerry

Address:  22, Jack Alley, London

Phone:  4687 2946 9928 





What is this non-sense? I think that SigridKerry is loosing her mind now.  At that time that I finished that sentence the light of the moon glowed even more and the water of the pool could be seen even more clear and clear at that time.  And as soon as me and Chiara wanted to run and escape from that place we couldn’t move and fell on the floor like we  were paralyzed. Then we heard SigridKerry’s voice which said:’Ha Ha finally going to get my revenge you thought that you could both win and were dump and stupid’.  At that time me and Chiara were very scared and suddenly we started moving towards the pool and wanted to scream but only squeaking came out of our mouth because it was sealed tight. Right before we fell I could smell the smell of blood and when we fell, the water of the pool was freezing we couldn’t move but then someone or something came and jumped into the pool and all I remember was two splashes that someone jumped to save Chiara and me.  It was a mystery person. After we came back to our senses me and Chiara were on the ground covered with a towel each and we could finally talk. Then right in front of me and Chiara I saw two teenage boys. Were they the one’s who had just risked their life’s to save us?! He told us that there names were Dan and Fabian. After 5 minutes as I turned to talk to Chiara they had disappeared.













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