The Girl in the Haunted Grave Yard

This is a story about two girl who are haunted by a girl and how they uncover the truth and in the end fall in love with 2 boys who saved them and are vampires :) but what exactly happens next???


5. The Ghost


We snuck out of our house late at night.  We think it was 01:00 am in the morning.  We went to the cemetry and as we were going we saw a black cat following us.  When we stopped it stopped and then when we continued to walk it walked.  All of a sudden from no were lightning struck.   And that was the end of us…


We found ourselves next to SigridKerry , who died last year.  We were surprised so we asked her how and who brought us there.  She looked at us and then…


                                                       ¤                    ¤                    ¤


Chills ran down our spine.  We were totally freaked out.  She told us that it was a worm hole(fabric in space and time)  the one’s that aliens use.  It was cool but freaky and terrifying at the same time.  When we were about to run away from the grave the earth gobbled us up.  We slided down a sandy ramp.  It was steep I could swore I tore my pants from the back and even Chiara.  We were scared, terrified, screaming and we were sad because these were designer jeans.



Suddenly we came to a halt and ended up in a tunnel full of bones.  Then in the end of the tunnel there was a body it had only one hand. It had a bullet in its heart and it looked just like SigridKerry.  Then all of a sudden we were standing in front of our homes.  It was so weird.  We thought that maybe it could happen again so the next day we went again at the same time.


                                                           ¤                       ¤                     ¤



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