The Girl in the Haunted Grave Yard

This is a story about two girl who are haunted by a girl and how they uncover the truth and in the end fall in love with 2 boys who saved them and are vampires :) but what exactly happens next???


2. The funeral


Every one was wearing black even Chiara and me.  Our best-friend wanted to commit suicide but didn’t  have the guts.  She was dead but no one knew how.  On her coffin we put her school tie.  She really loved it.  She always said that was her good luck charm but didn’t know why, it was actually a bit freaky. 


On her coffin we engraved her name.  The coffin was made of thick soft wood.  It was beautiful to look at, but not when there is some one dead in it.  At the same time we thought it was a dreadful thing.


She was only thirteen-years old.  The one thing we all hated about her was that she was jealous of every body.  Her name was Sigridkerry.


We don’t know if she had a mother or a father That’s the part where we were afraid of.  If she was living with her parents how did they threat her.  Were they cruel to her?  What type of character’s did they have?  But we think that she lived alone sad and angry at the same time.  She never mentioned them in her life as if they didn’t even exist.         


Why did she committed suicide? Did she have a miserable life? Stories and rumors were invented about here death.  People say yes and other say no.  It’s miserable.  She never showed any response to it.  These last few days she was desperate.  She never talked to any one.  The one thing we know is that sometimes she was shy others angry or jealous. She was never happy with her life and if she was why was she always nervous at school.  We never saw a smile on her face.  She never talked or connected with anyone besides her self because she didn’t have a cell-pone or was she lying about that.  She never had connected with others except Chiara and me.


Every one was crying, fake crying.  Every body hated her.  The only friends she had were me and chiara.  No one cared about her or her problems.  She was lonely terrified that someone was out to kill her and to solve that problem she otherwise killed herself or someone actually killed her.  That remains a mystery no body can ever solve that now, not even the autotoritites. Now that she’s dead.  She was buried in the cemetery were everyday me and Chiara went to see her.  And when it was sundown we usually went home.  Chiara and me lived next door to each other, we were neighbors.


Even her name describes her.  The meanings are sadness and the dark one.  One day me and Chiara went to

The cemetery in the dark and we saw…


                                                            ¤                      ¤                   ¤



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