The Girl in the Haunted Grave Yard

This is a story about two girl who are haunted by a girl and how they uncover the truth and in the end fall in love with 2 boys who saved them and are vampires :) but what exactly happens next???


14. Her Death Book


    That book was all about SigridKerry’s death, so we stayed all night reading the book.  The morning that followed, SigridKerry stepped into her secret room.


 As she went to the shelf, a type of spirit told her that her death book was missing. She looked desperately at us and as she stepped at us we were so frightened that the book fell from our hands … and that was the end of Her Death Book… because as it touched the ground it turned completely to dust!


We were surprised as we saw Her Death Book turning into dust.


We freaked out and SigridKerry has almost fainted, but instead she tried to take out our souls.


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