Finding Kim

Everyone knows me as Kim, it's just that everyone has a different perception of who Kim is...

Kim is working towards her master in microbiology. She is intelligent, attractive and looks forward to her very prospective future. But then someone walks back into her life, just as she is getting over her tortured high school past.

She dreamt of seeking revenge but she soon comes to realise that this girl - the girl who made her teenage years a living hell - has, perhaps, already paid the price...


10. Run, Ally, Run!


The sadist has his huge hands around Ally's throat.

“Leave her alone!”

Suddenly I am eleven years old again, back to the time when I was the strong one and Ally wasn't. Back to the time when I stood up for her when she was being tormented by a boy. Before my life turned upside down.

The man straightens himself and then smiles down at me. A smile not unlike that of a murderer.

“Oh look Ally, your hero has arrived!” He throws his head back and laughs.

“Leave her alone,” I say, trying not to let my voice tremble.

He strides over to me and his smile vanishes. "What are you doing here?"

I dig my fingernails into the palms of my hands.

“I said,” his eyes darken as he lowers his voice. “What are you doing here?”

I stab my palms even deeper.

“I asked you a question, you stupid bitch!” He slaps me across the face with such force that my knees buckle. I am on the ground for a second before the man grabs my shirt and yanks me back to my feet. “What are you doing here?!”

“Leave her alone you bastard!” Ally shrieks and then hits the man in the head with a child's scooter.

He collapses and holds his head. He groans and tries to reach out for Ally's ankle, but she steps to the side.

“Ally, get to my car!”

“But Tommy's upstairs!”

I am already going up the staircase. “I'll get him – just run, Ally, run!”

I shout Tommy's name over and over again. No reply. Frantic, I kick open the nearest door, hoping to see a little figure in the darkness. Behind me, the stairs creak.

“Tommy! Where are you?” I yell before swinging open the next door. “Tommy!”

A raspy breath tickles the back of my neck. I try to run, but he traps me in a vice like grip. I struggle, but it is no use.

“Now you're going to pay for getting involved!”

His knee drives into my back and I crumple to the ground, grasping for breath. Although my small, weak frame is absolutely nothing in comparison to the man's burly figure, I know that I still have to fight. My leg shoots out and hits him right in the groin. I clamber to my feet and throw myself into the next room. I hide in the wardrobe, but I am not alone.

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