Finding Kim

Everyone knows me as Kim, it's just that everyone has a different perception of who Kim is...

Kim is working towards her master in microbiology. She is intelligent, attractive and looks forward to her very prospective future. But then someone walks back into her life, just as she is getting over her tortured high school past.

She dreamt of seeking revenge but she soon comes to realise that this girl - the girl who made her teenage years a living hell - has, perhaps, already paid the price...


6. Regrets


"I still regret it, you know," Ally says whilst swirling her no longer hot coffee around the mug.

I raise an eyebrow. "What? Having kids?"

"No, well yes but I wasn't referring to that," she takes a deep breath. "I regret making your last two years of high school a living hell."

I simply shrug and pretend to read through my still unfinished essay.

"It's just that I was going through a really hard time and all those popular girls in the year above made me feel so... Special, you know? They made me feel accepted and I was the centre of attention for once."

"For once?" I force out a small laugh. "You were always the centre of attention."

But she doesn't seem to have heard me.

"And they helped me through some really tough times. I needed their support but I shouldn't have just abandoned you the way that I did."

I close the lid of my laptop and stand up.

"Where are you going, Kim?" She sounds so small, so vulnerable.

I tuck the laptop into its bag. "No offence but where I'm going really isn't any of your business."

"But, but it's been so long since we've spoken and - "

"And what's another six years?" I throw the bag over my shoulder. "Bye, Ally."

As I pass her, she grabs my arm. "Just wait a second."

She pulls out a pen and a crumpled up receipt from her handbag. After scribbling something, she hands the receipt to me. I pocket it without looking at what she had written.

"Please think about it, Kim," she says. "I'll be waiting up all night."

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