Finding Kim

Everyone knows me as Kim, it's just that everyone has a different perception of who Kim is...

Kim is working towards her master in microbiology. She is intelligent, attractive and looks forward to her very prospective future. But then someone walks back into her life, just as she is getting over her tortured high school past.

She dreamt of seeking revenge but she soon comes to realise that this girl - the girl who made her teenage years a living hell - has, perhaps, already paid the price...


3. First Day


I still remember that day – of course I remember that day! How could I ever forget it? It was my first day at high school and I appeared to be the only eleven year old who really didn't give a damn. Sure, I was excited about going to the 'big' school but I wasn't a nervous wreck like the rest of my fellow year sevens. But that day isn't memorable because I finally got to wear my new two-sizes-too-big uniform. No, that day is memorable because I made friends with Ally, a girl I probably wouldn't have spoken to had I not felt sorry for her.

I didn't know anyone in my first period Art class so I sat down at the table nearest to the door. Once the class had settled down, the teacher introduced the new topic of 'hobbies and interests'. There were several magazines of different genres on each table and we were told to cut out pictures and create a mood board. As we got to work, I was hoping to have a conversation but I soon realised that I had sat at the wrong table. The three boys were busy talking about football and computer games, which meant that I couldn't contribute anything to the conversation. The other person I shared the table with was a quiet girl, her lank mousy hair lying flat against her pimply face. She was busy with cutting out pictures of clothes ever so intricately where as I had to discard several celebrities; an assorted range of paper body parts were sprawled across the table.

“Come on Ally!” One of the boys said, nudging the quiet girl's arm. “I need the scissors!”

Ally ignored him.

“Come on, come on, come on!” He kept on nudging her until her hand slipped and the cat walk model was beheaded.

“Aw look what you've done, Rob! You've messed up her work!” Another boy said, sending all three of them into laughter.

Ally arranged the pictures on the piece of paper and as she reached for the glue stick, Rob blew the pictures off the paper, sending them spiralling down to the ground. Ally looked as though she was about to go and pick them up, but she flicked through a magazine instead. Rob grabbed the scissors and kept opening and closing them near to Ally's hair. The other two boys laughed every time Ally moved away from Rob.

I couldn't just sit there when someone wasn't sticking up for themselves. “Leave her alone!”

The boys turned to face me and raised their eyebrows. After a slight hesitation, Rob smirked. “Well someone is on their period!”

The three boys laughed but when I rolled my eyes and returned to my work, they ignored me and Ally as they jumped into another conversation about some computer game that had just come out. I looked up at Ally and caught the awestruck expression on her face.

When the bell rang, we walked to our next lesson and met again at break and dinner. By the end of the day, I had a new best friend.


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