Finding Kim

Everyone knows me as Kim, it's just that everyone has a different perception of who Kim is...

Kim is working towards her master in microbiology. She is intelligent, attractive and looks forward to her very prospective future. But then someone walks back into her life, just as she is getting over her tortured high school past.

She dreamt of seeking revenge but she soon comes to realise that this girl - the girl who made her teenage years a living hell - has, perhaps, already paid the price...


4. An Awkward Conversation



“Hi, Ally,” I force a smile.

Ally opens her mouth but then closes it again. She turns to her daughter and gives her some money to buy new drinks. She tells her son to sit down at the table next to mine.

“So are you in, um, university?” Ally asks as she lowers herself into the chair across the table from me.

“Yes, I'm doing my master.”

Ally nods, avoiding my eyes. We sit in silence until her daughter returns.

“Thanks sweetie,” Ally says, taking the mug of coffee. “Sit with your brother over there.”

Ally cups the mug in her hands, trailing one finger around the rim. “Microbiology?”

I almost choke on my frappuccino.


“Microbiology. That's what your studying, right?”

I don't trust myself to speak so I just nod and take a long sip of my iced coffee, thinking: how the hell did she remember that that's what I wanted to do in university?

“You were always smart at school – unlike me,” Ally laughs, humourlessly. “I didn't go to uni because when I was eighteen I was stuck at my parents' with a four year old kid.”

Another nod.

“I can't believe how stupid I was,” she shakes her head. “I should have listened to you.”

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