The Silence

In this tragic story of love,hatred, and death, follow Avalana Knight as she finds out whats really important in life. Will life ever get better for Avalana, or willl she be trapped in a cycle of hurt for the rest of her life.

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3. What next?

I scrunched my eyes tightly together. Preparing myself for the next blow. I had not spoken for the past 6 months, and trust me this was not out of spite or purposly, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to speak. Espically not when my sister hadn't even got the chance to got to school. She didn't know what I knew about the world, and now she never could. I guess I  felt guilty about speaking. I never thought that my Uncle was like this. I never thought anyone could be so cold hearted and wicked. He know what I had been through and yet he still needed to make my life an even bigger screw up.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

After every sound came the pain. The stinging pain right above the scar on my head. This had become some what of a weekly thing. Every Saturday morning Nan would go shopping and my Uncle would insist I stay with him. He would always corner me for something or another and beat me until my Nan came home. I knew my Nan wasn't completly oblivous of my Uncles traites. Since moving in 3 weeks after the accident, I had heard her begging and pleading with  my uncle every night.

That was until last Saturday evening. He had gone out and I was for once I was left alone with my Nan.

We curled up to watch a movie, and slowly my Nans eyes began to droop.

'Let her sleep," I thought to myself. After a while I too became tired, and allowed myself to sink into a deep sleep.

I could see my family right ahead of me. I was trying to run to them, but i couldn't move. I was stuck. There they were, so close but so far. A screech of brakes. A peiecing scream. They were gone.

I woke up gasping for breath. I shook my Nan, desperate for her to tell me it would all be ok. She didn't wake  up. I shook her again, more violently this time.

I ran for the phone, it took all the strength inside of me to tell the strange robotic voice where I was and what I needed. They were there there in seconds, but it still seemed like an age. They carted my Nan away, quickly and gently, but I already new her fate.

I sat at the botttom of the stairs sobbing.

What was next?

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