The Silence

In this tragic story of love,hatred, and death, follow Avalana Knight as she finds out whats really important in life. Will life ever get better for Avalana, or willl she be trapped in a cycle of hurt for the rest of her life.

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1. The beginning

           I cant remember the last time I had ever felt so drained. So bitter and heart broken,  in fact i dont think i had ever felt like this in my life.

It had been six months since the accident. To any other person six months would have flown by. But for me it felt like two long, dragging years. I didn't really enjoy anything anymore, I just got on with it, never feeling or doing anything. In fact sometimes  I wish I had died in that accident. Al least that way I could still be with my mum, dad, and beautiful sister.


It was a cold dark christmas eve, the night the accident happend. We had been at my nans for a christmas party. Having the best time and a great laugh. The car heating had stopped working, and me and my younger sister were huddled together in  the back, giggling and exciting over tomorrow. Slowly, softly snow began to fall around us.

"We can make snowmen, and snowangels, and even have a snowball fight, and Santas coming tonight!" said Lucinda. Kicking my mums chair in excitment and wriggling around in her seat. She squeezed me  tight and muffled a giggle.

Suddenly we were hurtling towards a roundabout. There was a squeal of brakes, a warm hand squeezed my own. A scream echoed around the car, and then all went black.


When I awoke, it took me a minute to register where I was. My surroundings smelt so clean, like Mums dettol. Mum.Suddenly I remembered.

"Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucinda," I screamed, "Mum, Mum, Dad."

 There was a bustle outside of the curtain that surrounded my bed, and my Nan came into view. Her face was streaked with  tears and she tried to smile at me. But it was a weak and wobbly smile.


I pulled my knees up to my chin and began to sob...

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