The Silence

In this tragic story of love,hatred, and death, follow Avalana Knight as she finds out whats really important in life. Will life ever get better for Avalana, or willl she be trapped in a cycle of hurt for the rest of her life.

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4. Running away

I dragged a small, black suitcase down the wooden stairs.


Each time the suitcase hit a new step, the sound went straight threw me.

I left my suitcase at the bottom of the stairs  and slithered silently into the kitchen. I found the jar where Nan kept the emergancy money and took the whole lot, right down to the coppers. If I was goona survive, "out there," I was gonna need everything I had.

I pulled the heavy suitcase out into the night, with me. I didn't know where I was going, i just had to get away  from here.

I walked for hours deeper and deeper into the night.  I knew where I was now, and I most certainly knew where I was going. As I approached the dark wood a shudder went down my spine. I wasn't sure about this, but where else was there to go.

"Pull yourself together," I whispered to myself. I walked past dozens of huge shadowy trees, jumping out of my skin at the slightest of noises.

My legs were aching  and I was begining to think I had past my spot, when I saw it. A huge oak tree, great for climbing,and way up in those branches was mine and my sisters tree house.

I had never tried dragging a suitcase up a tree. It certainly added some time to the journey, but I was determined, and after a long old climb, I reached the tree house.

I suddenly felt sick, i didn't think I could possibly go in. I gritted my teeth and stepped inside banging my head as I did so. I pulled a small towel out of my bag and wrapped it round me.

I knew the nightmares were coming, but tonight I was ready for them. This was a new begining.

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