The Silence

In this tragic story of love,hatred, and death, follow Avalana Knight as she finds out whats really important in life. Will life ever get better for Avalana, or willl she be trapped in a cycle of hurt for the rest of her life.

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2. Battlefield.

My Nan came to sit next to me, on the small wooden stool next to my bed. I wiped the tears from my eyes, in my whole lifetime I don't think  I had ever felt so crushed. I felt like someone had stabbed a knife right in to  my heart, and now they were twisting it. Round and round and round. I sat up, maybe a little to quickly as all the blood rushed  to my head making me go more than a little dizzy.

"Take it easy," my Nan whispered, stroking my hair.

I gulped down another lot of tears and focused on my nans feet.

"D-d-did they all D-,  you know?"

No response... I slowly looked up, and stared my Nan straight in the eye. She didn't  need to say anything. Her deep grey eyes told me a story that I didn't need to be recapped. Sorrow, hurt, and a deep heavy depression sunk deep into her eyes. She wrapped her arms tightly around me, and we wept together all night. After a while she grabbed my arms, and looked me straight in the eye.

" We will be ok," she whispered.


How could she say that. Nothing was ever going to be the same in my whole life, and that certainly wasn't,'ok'. I felt a huge bubbling anger grow inside of me, all I wanted was one last kiss from my Mum, one more bear hug with my dad, and one more secret with my sister. Was it too much to ask to want all of those things. I wanted to scream at her,  tell her I couldn't be strong, I couldn't move on. I mean how was I meant to, everywhere I went there was huge reminders of my family. Silly things that were meaningless to everyone else.

I pulled my arms away from my Nan, and turned my back on her, the way I wanted to with the whole world. As the other side of my head touched the pillow, my eyes began to water. A sharp pain went all the way through me. Making my head pound.

I started to sob. Why me? I just wanted my family back.

"I know, I know," my Nan whispered in the soothing voice my Mum used to use when I was sick, but I wasn't ill. This wasn't something that would pass in a few days. I had to live with this for the rest of my life.

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