This is about a girl who gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island in the sea...


4. The island

On day 31 i saw an island. I dont know what made me sail onto its golden sands, or what was more important about it than any of the other islands. But i had to trust my gut instinct. That is what sailors do.

Wind tugged my hair, as a scrabbled with the rope attached to my boat, tying it up to a tree i saw. My eyes streamed, and my nose ran, and my body felt like an icicle, turning colder, bluer by the minute. The cries of gulls surrounded me, and their wails echoed in my empty mind. My head felt hollow, like one smash would break it into pieces. Tiptoeing through the lush undergrowth, i looked around, i searched for something, just one sign of life. But there wasn't one.

The conditions for sailing off that island were awful. If i tried i would die. I was trapped on an island, with no contact from the outer world. I was freezing, my brain wasn't functioning properly anymore. I needed help. But there wasn't any.

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