This is about a girl who gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island in the sea...


3. Diary

I struggled to keep control of the boat, in the waves that were rising over 30 foot high. My little boat was not prepared for that, and nor was i, mentally. I kept a diary for 30 of the 40 days. I can remember a few of those entries:

Day 8

Fear engulfs me, every time i think about the task ahead. I am trying to sustain a positive attitude, but i dont know if i will make it this time. Waves crash against the side of my vessel, and sand is ripped up by the waves, and dumped on the deck. Salty sea spray burns my eyes, and my face stings with exhaustion. It has only been 8 days and i'm already struggling...

Day 15

My sail ripped this morning, and i had to climb the monstrous mast to fix it. The rudder on the back of my boat is becoming unstable, and i fear that it will break off. Then i will perish for sure. My food supplys are good though, and on the brighter side, i have only 25 days left to endure!

Day 30

As i write, i am out of breath. I cannot describe in words to you the pain that i am feeling right now. My mental state is not secure, and i may be going crazy. My eyes will not stay open, and i am so tired. With no contact from anyone i feel so isolated, me and my boat sailing solitary amongst the vast ocean. One day it will swallow us up.


My memories are fading now - i must have reached the boarder of the living world. But i can still remember one thing, yes, it is growing clearer in my mind as i wait.

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