This is about a girl who gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island in the sea...


1. Born a sailer

I have always been a sailor. It's what i was born to do - i couldn't think of a better way to spend my days. When i get in a boat, the sea engulfs me, tugging up emotions that i never even knew i could feel.

Born in Cornwall to a family of tin miners, and living on the coast in Padstow, i was destined to sail. My dad pressured me to learn, and i unwillingly accepted his challenge, but instantly i loved it. Looking back now, i never appreciated how lucky i was; now i remember my first day sailing...

"But daddy, i'm scared", i whispered, my voice hoarse as it had been stung by the salty sea air. "It's ok honey, you can do it, just one more tack and we will be out of this rough patch.", i heard him say, and i trusted him. I tacked with all my might, the gale force winds screaming and tugging at my sail, threatening to tair holes in it, but i did it. I made it accross the estuary to Rock, and slowly but surely i began to sail with more confidence. "Thats it baby, you're sailing!" Dad shouted, his face glowing with pride. Love and pride filled my body, and i rushed onto shore, greeted my my mothers strong arms.

Things were so different back then. My life was full. But now it is gone.


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