People never really think about how they are going to die. People never consider the loses people suffer. You either think it matters or you don’t. But you always have to care no matter who the person is.


3. School Time


I opened my eyes; the rain was hitting my window and making a tapping noise. Great! Rain, I knew more was to come. Why did I agree to move to a place with a near constant cover of rain? To get away from my family- oh yeah I remembered.

I walked to the window and looked at the garden, it was long with a forest at the bottom, leading to a field, Minnie said it was the local park. I suddenly realised it was time for school. Perfect. I walked to the wardrobe and opened it. Inside was my uniform. I put on the black trousers and blue tie. Then I went down stairs and found Minnie in the kitchen making some pancakes.

“Morning honey. My girl starting at Boroughmuir High school. You want to take the bus or drive?”

“I haven’t even bought my car yet so I can’t.” I grabbed a pancake and sat at the table.

“Oh yes you do. Surprise. Your new car is in the garage. Hop along.” Minnie winked and threw me some keys. “Enjoy.”

“You didn't have to Minnie.” I took a bite out of the pancake and left the smiled at Minnie.


The morning air was surprisingly sweet and moised. It was easy to open the garage but it wasn’t easy imagining what the car would be like. I hoped it wouldn’t be flashy because that would draw too much attention. I took a deep breath, inhaling everything. I noticed the car smelt musty, not a new car smell. I opened my eyes slowly. In front of me was a small, old green car. It was obviously chosen but Harry. I put my bag on the passenger seat sat inside my new/old BMW. As I drove out of the drive and to the road I decided to try and make as many friends as I could.


The schools car park was filled with chatting teens. A few gangs stared at me and smiled. Their smiles reminded me of a lion knowing it was going to catch its prey. I half smiled back but tried desperately to blend in. No matter how much I tried everyone stared at me. I noticed a gang of boys wolf whistle at me. I flushed bright red.


By my locker was a boy with big glasses and a goofy smile on his face. He had brown tidy hair and he was looking at me happily, he looked very nerdy. Great.

“Hiya. You must be Kristy Peters. I’m Greg Smith from America actually! Need a tour around? Or advise? I’m here to help!” He grinned and shook my hand. I was frowning on the inside but I managed a half smile. He was surprised and tidied his already too neat hair, I winced a little to dramatically, and then sighed and answered him

“Well, I think I’m fine exploring alone actually. But…thanks.” He looked slightly disappointed but he shrugged a smiled, shaking it off. Just enough bump in the road, I thought of my mum saying it, I thought of her growing stomach and flinched. 

“Everyone is so excited about your arrival! They will be hanging out with you all day. You’ll never be alone! Prepare to be ambushed.” He continued grinning with a slightly concerned look about him, despite his ways he seemed nice.

“Oh really? I’m not really into attention. I’ll keep quite and try to blend in. Is that possible or am I hallucinations.” I explained and tried to make the joke, he smiled half heatedly, I decided he didn't really get it. 

“Probably not but its cool to attempt it. But I have your back. Greg the protector. Awesome! Huh?” He helped me with my books and walked with me to Art with me trailing behind him cringing. 

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