People never really think about how they are going to die. People never consider the loses people suffer. You either think it matters or you don’t. But you always have to care no matter who the person is.


4. Rainbows and Nonsense


In Art I painted next to Greg. We all had to pick our feelings and paint them. I painted a bright sun in a grey sky. I didn’t know why I just had a feeling I had to. Greg painted a bright rainbow… well I couldn’t tell it was a rainbow because it was square but he explained it to me. I was said to be cleaver but his words went over my head.


At break I sat on a bench when the rain had stopped falling. Greg invited me over to his bench. Everyone seemed to have a special bench except from the younger year who seemed to be kicked off each bench they attempted to sit on.

Then I saw them, they all sat on the bench opposite us. They only eyed each other. They never looked at anyone else. It was so interesting to watch their detailed lips move as they talked. Their graceful movements amazed me.

      “Who are they?” I asked Greg and two other girls on the table.

“Oh that’s Antony White. He’s sitting with his four sisters and 3 brothers. Liam, the one with black ruffled hair and the green jacket. Ben is the boy with the ginger really short hair. Robert is the boy next to the ginger girl. The girls are Sally, the ginger one next to Robert. That’s Carrie the one with really long black curls; she is going out with Liam. Then there is Ruth, the one with the paperboy styled hair, she and Ben are a popular item. Then left over is Antony and Nellie but they aren’t together. Now, I know it seems weird because I said they are brothers and sisters but they’re all adopted so it’s okay… still kind of freaky.” One of the girls explained. She had long cherry red hair and the other had blond hair. They were called Chelsea and Brook.

“Antony doesn’t like anyone! So don’t even try!” Brook laughed. I stared at Antony. He had messy brown hair which stood up on ends.

“Wow they are different.” I sighed. “Very different indeed.” 

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