People never really think about how they are going to die. People never consider the loses people suffer. You either think it matters or you don’t. But you always have to care no matter who the person is.


2. E-mail


Hi Kristy,

Our house address is Annfield Paddock, Annfield Farm Road, Dunfermline, Fife. The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. You would go to a local state school called Boroughmuir High School its in Edinburgh. You could catch the local bus. The uniform is black trousers or a black skirt with a green or blue tie completed with a white shirt. Here are some pictures of the house, your bedroom and your school. Ask your Mum and Dad if you want to and we can arrange something. Chat to you soon…

Love and hugs

Minnie and all the family xxx 


I sighed and breathed heavily and refused to reply and logged off. I sprawled out onto my bed and lolled my head back and thought of everything that was happening in my life and how it really was starting to be less amazing than I had expected!


Three weeks later- after a lot of thinking from my parents behalf and not a single thought from me, it took my that long to convince them that I would be fine

I decided maybe change would be good and left. Mum and Dad were heartbroken but I didn't care, we’d stay in contact… if I ever bothered to.


At the airport Mum and Dad dropped me off outside and kissed my cheeks and my forehead, persistent on rubbing sun block into my oily pale skin, even though I was going to Scotland.

“We’ll email you about name options. Have fun. Email me, yeah?” Mum said. She kissed Dad. My parents, Nick and Sonny never wanted another child… until now. I didn’t care.

“Yeah…” I caught the plane and waited for it to be over. I sat next to a man, blond hair and a blue baseball hat on. He had a grin on his face. He smiled at me.

“Scotland is very cool. You moving or having a holiday.” He said. The young man looked at me. I kept my eyes closed and pretended to sleep. I wasn’t going to talk to a weird men. I felt his eyes boring into me until we landed in Edinburgh. I quickly felt like making sure he didn’t follow me. It was lunch time and I was starving. Outside the airport was the taxi that Harry had arranged to meet me. I opened the door and sat inside.

“Your Minnie and Harry’s new guest aren’t you. Since last month when you confirmed that you were coming Minnie hasn’t shut up about you.” He winked at me and I looked out the window at my new life.



The taxi pulled up outside their house and I got a first glimpse of my future. A small, comfy house with not much going on around the town. The door was a plain blue colour and that gave me a feeling my life was going to be plain. I’ve never been so wrong.

 “Kristy!” I heard Minnie shout joyfully from inside as I opened the door. The door opened and I was suddenly in her warm arms.

“Come on Minnie give her some air.” Harry said calmly. He prised Minnie off me. Harry is a calm, shy person kind of like me but Minnie is the opposite. She is bubbly and over protective. How was it going to be? I stepped into the hall and noticed a girl at the end of it by some stairs. She had short brown curly hair and tanned skin, she was sulking.

“Do you remember Monica? She is 15 and Marnie is 21, she’s upstairs in her room.” Minnie explained. Monica rolled her eyes and walked into a room next to the stairs. Minnie dumped my bag and coat on the floor and dragged me upstairs. My room was next to Marnie’s bedroom and diagonal to Monica’s room. It was rather small but perfect. There was a desk with a purple laptop, boards and shelves. It had a double bed with a blue blanket with white swirls on it. Minnie squeaked excitedly, waiting for me to hug her happily.

“Thanks Minnie.” I mumbled. She nodded sadly and left me alone.


The room smelt warm and clean. That was the first moment I could be just me, a shy, normal girl. I suddenly realised someone was knocking on my door and I ran to open it. Outside my room was a beautiful girl, she wore a blue silk top and a dark black miniskirt. I instantly felt dirty compared to her.

“I’m Marnie; we met like a few years ago, whatever. I just wanna make one thing clear. Monica and I aren’t too happy about you living here but we can make it work as long as you leave me alone! Got it?” She smiled slyly and stalked down the stairs. I was left amazed

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