1. Singing or screaming?

I sat in the audition room waiting, hearing the sound of her voice, I don't know how the teachers managed to sit there for that amount of time. Then she walked out smirking, I had always tried to befreind her but she never wanted it. Her name was Alicia Jenkins. I smiled at her and congratulated her as she walked past me but she just flicked her silky blonde hair and walked off in another direction. Anyone would have to admit she was beautiful but she was not happy. Back at home she would be sent off to sleep with arguments and fights and as a child she was physicly abused by her uncle and told to never come back. This all happened at the age of four and stayed with her to this day. As she walked away I noticed a book fall out of her pocket. I ran over and picked it up. "How to Charm Boys" it read. Realising I was being nosey I slammed it shut and ran over to her. She just got it to the maths room before I could  give it to her and so I put it back in my blazer pocket.   

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