This funny story tells of the first adventure of Lucy and her pet cat Candy! Throughout the story I hope you find it entertaining and you connect to the characters! But obviously I'm not JK Rowling! So enjoy and... well yeah just enjoy!


1. Hayton and the House

Lucy had just moved to Havyton with her mum and dad. Lucy was to attend the Green's School around the corner. She was so excited, yet a little bit nervous. She was joining at the start of the Spring term and she still had a few days to prepare. But all she seemed to be doing was laying in the hammock in her garden.

"Ahhhhh" she sighed peacefully gazing dreamily at the passing clouds. This was her last day of freedom and she was going to miss her little garden daydreams.

Eventually she got up and climbed the dusty red stairs into her room. Her new uniform hung on the door of her wardrobe. She cast a diminishing glare on it and layed down on her bed putting her headphones in, to listen to her favourite tunes.

The house was beautiful, like a cottage but a little bit bigger. Lucy's room had already been painted dusky pink, and her bed had rose bud covers. Her curtains were a creamy white and so was her furniture.

Lucy fell asleep her face pressed against her iPod.

When her mum came up to check on her she smiled. It did please her so to see her daughter getting a good rest. She pulled Lucy's sandals off and tucked them in her cupboard laughing softly.

To be continued........................

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