This funny story tells of the first adventure of Lucy and her pet cat Candy! Throughout the story I hope you find it entertaining and you connect to the characters! But obviously I'm not JK Rowling! So enjoy and... well yeah just enjoy!


2. Early Morning

Lucy woke up in a sudden panick and looked at her clock. 7:15 she still had plenty of time to get ready.

She ran down stairs and made herself some toast that she ate quickly and loudly. So loud in fact that her mum came downstairs and asked her what the racket was about.

"Mum!" Lucy cried, spraying toast everywhere

Her mum sighed and cleared up the mess.

Lucy ran up stairs and jumped into the shower and turned it on.

"Ah!" Lucy cried. The shower had just come on and was freezing!

Mum came upstairs now wondering what on earth had happened. When she saw her eyes rolled like the globe.

Once Lucy had had her cold shower she got changed into her uniform.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

"Ergh!" She thought. The rusty looking blazer, black skirt, white socks, white blouse and red ribbons in Lucy's hair didn't make her look exactly how she wanted to.

She trudged back down the stairs (second time that morning!) and sat down on the green sofa as if she were carrying a heavy weight.

Mum came in again (third time!) and laughed.

"Sweety, don't be worri-" Mum started

"I'm not worried, I just don't want to go to school!" Lucy interrupted.

"It's going to be fine, Lucy" Mum said not getting it at all!

Lucy sat watching cartoons till it was 8:00. It was time to go to school...

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