Snowy Wonders

This is a description about snow. It explains of a little town that is covered in the icy wonder. Happy Reading! xxx


1. Snowy Wonders

Snow falling helplessly in the midnight blue sky.

Snowflakes dancing none alike, each unique.

Glistening silver in the moonlight.

Swirling whirlwinds and blazing blizzards, carrying snowflakes far away and back again and again.

In the morning you see a blinding white out of your window. It is almost as blinding as the everlasting beauty of a diamond.

On your way to school you see the town, all icy white, like a toy village covered in a huge white blanket.

As you walk icy winds catch at your throat! Since you wear no scarf it is certain you will catch cold! In this wonderful weather.

When the sunlight gets caught on the flakes they shine like crystals at dusk.

Next morning you see that the once frosty snow has melted into slush.

Disappointment runs through the town. Babies, children and adults all cry over the loss of their ice kingdom.

But, wait, look don't be sad for it's snowing again. And it's settling!!!

Their world has been restored to it's former glory!

Oh, what wonders the snow brings!

By Cookie Monster!



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