Feeling the call of duty to his people, a young blood elf rogue leaves the love of life behind to fight the Scourge. Returning to Silvermoon after many long years, Narizz looks for his beloved and is unprepared for what he finds.


3. Together Once More


Narizz reached the crevasse unchallenged, sensing that the rogue was beyond their


meager powers the spirits let him pass unmolested, and found his lost love standing with slender


arms crossed tightly under her shapely breasts staring out over the rolling sea.


“Mellay, the sight of you makes my heart light with joy. I have missed you fiercely these


years past, but the thought of you kept...” He began while he took an eager step toward the


enchanting priestess.


“This was once a place of joyful memories, but no more.” Mellay’s words conjured


memories of tender caresses and whispered promises from the recesses of Narizz’s mind, but her


icy tone gave the rogue pause. “Now, now it reminds me of betrayal and heartache. Here my


beloved promised me that we were forever. That our souls were destined to be one, that we


would marry, and that we would have the perfect life together. But that all changed when the


vile scourge entered our homeland and my love only had eyes for glory and he left me for far off


battles and exotic lands and mysterious women.”


“That is not true!” Narizz protested. “I went to fight the undead to protect you, to keep


them from entering our lands again. Surely my love...”


“SILENCE!!” Mellay had kept her back to the rogue through her speech and partly


through Narizz’s fruitless protest until he had uttered that forbidden word. “Your right to call me


that ended when you left me broken and sobbing on that park bench!” She admonished the


shaken rogue.


“But I found solace from your betrayal, solace in the very shadows that begun to fill the


void you left in me, Narizz.” Mellay’s heart-shaped face was twisted with animosity while her


eyes flared with feral intensity. “The shadows taught me how to gain my revenge. My revenge


against you, LOVER!” The last word carried so much resentment and hatred that Narizz could


only stand dumbfounded as Mellay’s slender body gathered the shadows around her, creating a


pulsating armor of purple and black flames.


“Mellay, I am sorry for the hurt I caused you. I truly believed that joining the rangers


was the best way to keep you safe, but I have since learned the folly of that decision and I beg for


your forgiveness. You are the reason for me to live, and my heart has never stopped being yours


and yours alone.” Narizz kept his hands wide hoping to prevent the unstable priestess from


reacting on her current erratic emotions and to hopefully to see the sincerity in his words.


“Well then Narizz you have no reason to continue living!” She spat.


“I will not fight you Mellay.”


“Good. Then this won’t take long.” Whispering an unintelligible word, Mellay thrust a


single finger at the rogue.


Feeling bands of magic constrict around his chest causing millions of fey spikes to strike


his heart, Narizz gritted his teeth to endure the pain, resisting his training that screamed at him to


strike back. Seconds that seemed to be agonizing hours passed and the pain was gone as


instantly as it had came.


“How does it feel, Narizz? How does it feel to have the one you love hurt you?”


“I...” Narizz managed to spit out before the golden aura around Mellay’s weaving hands


was released and a pillar of holy fire erupted from the sky, striking the rogue and knocking him


from his feet.


Driven insane with revenge, Mellay thrust her delicate fingers at her one time lover.


“You will pay for what you took from me!” A violet band of light sprung from her hands and


tethered the two elves together, fell energies pouring from the shadow priest to rend Narizz’s



Suppressing the pain to a closet in his mind, the rogue regained his feet and took one


agonizing step after another until he was within striking distance of Mellay, but even then he


kept his weapons at his hips and instead drew upon his heritage to stop Mellay’s casting.


“Enough!” Commanded Narizz as the air around two exploded with arcane energy. “You


will listen to me!”


Stunned by both the intensity of his words and the temporary loss of her mystical powers,


Mellay could only watch wide-eyed as her nemesis approached.


“Now Mellay, listen to me for a moment.” Narizz said in a much softer voice. “Hear


what I have to say then I will trouble you no more.”


“Tell it to the gods when you see them.” Eyes boiling with anger shot darts of ire at the


rogue, glaring with each syllable that slipped from his mouth. “Say hello to your brother for


me.” A wicked laugh tumbled from Mellay’s perfect rosebud lips when Narizz flinched from her


cruelly barbed comment. “You are truly a failure Nar. You have lost all that you care about


through your own incompetence.”

Mellay’s sneer was the only warning that Narizz got that something was amiss before a


powerful force struck him from behind, driving the breath from his lungs and causing his


muscles to spasm uncontrollably.


Fighting against this new wave of pain and working to get his jerking limbs under


control, the battle-hardened rogue spun on the balls of his feet to face this new adversary.


There stood Mohawk at the crevasse opening his hands dancing as he prepared to cast


another devastating bolt.


Narizz could feel that at least three ribs were broken by the shaman’s elemental attack


and Mellay’s magical assault had left him weary but here was an enemy he could release his


mounting frustrations on. The two enchanted maces appeared in the rogue’s had instantly as if


they had always been there.


Timing his attack perfectly, Narizz opened a rift in the shadows and stepped through as


Mohawk cast the ball of lightening. The rift reopened behind the shaman and out poured the


enraged blood elf, his powerful maces tearing gaping wounds that left the orc bleeding profusely.


Grunting with effort, Mohawk managed to get his shield up to block Narizz’s furious


barrage and cast a spell that chilled the rogue’s blood, slowing the fighter’s rapid movements.


But a deadly combination of the blood elf’s natural magical resistance and the hot fury within


him allowed Narizz to burn through the shaman’s spell.


Fear clouded the orc’s bloodshot eyes. In desperation Mohawk dropped a totem of


binding at his feet and shape-shifted into the spirit wolf. With a howl of thanks to the spirits, the


shaman bounded away trying to get some distance between himself and the tenacious rogue.


Unlike the two tauren, Narizz was not a greenhorn to battle and touched a trinket on his cloak


that freed him from the totem’s movement impairing effect. Drawing upon the energy that


rogue’s acquire their mystical powers from, Narizz sprinted after the fleeing orc and caught


Mohawk near the cliff’s edge.


Swinging each mace out wide, Narizz brought the two maces together on opposite sides


of wolf-shaman’s head. Mohawk crumpled to the earthen floor and did not attempt to rise, but


Narizz did not relent. The nimble elf lept high into the air twisting his body to put as much


power into the trailing maces as he could and brought one spiked head and then the other into the


prone orc’s skull. The deadly maces exploded into Mohawk like an over ripe melon, splattering


blood and gore over the front of the panting rogue.


“Very impressive Narizz.” Mellay applauded the battered rogue. “Thank you for dealing


with Ghorkaz it would have been very unpleasant if I would have had to repay his cost for


assisting me in your demise.” A small shudder racked her slender frame.


“But now it is time for us to end this reunion.” Violet and black flames swirled


sensuously like a lover’s embrace once again around Mellay. “Now DIE!”


A skull the size of a large cat and consisting of a ebony core trailing purple and green


flames shot toward Narizz. The rogue reached into his vest to a hidden pocket and withdrew a


object which he flung dagger-like toward Mellay.


The skull and object passed harmlessly through one another on their way to their intended


victims, but where the object bounced harmlessly off of Mellay’s hastily conjured shield to land


with a dull thud at her feet, the evilly grinning skull slammed into Narizz, blasting him from the


cliff to crash into the rocks several feet below.


Mellay let her magical armor drop as she bent down to retrieve the object Narizz had


thrown. In her hand was an intricately carved truesilver ring. The bright silver metal was shaped


into the likeness of rolling waves and the inside bore an inscription. My Heart. My Love. My


Soul. Always.


The calloused walls that had shielded Mellay’s heart over the last few years disintegrated.


Where Narizz’s words could not go the simple ring had, freeing Mellay from her physic prison.


Tears flowed freely down her porcelain face. “” Grief stricken Mellay


threw her head back and howled wordlessly into the sky until her throat was raw and the tears


stopped flowing, not that she no longer cared but her grasp on sanity had begun to leave her once


again, as the horror of losing her love for the second time once again sank in.


Minutes turned to hours as she sat cross legged on the rough cliff top, her eyes blank,


fingers rubbing the smooth edges of the ring, and muttering to herself, “I'm sorry Narizz, I'm so


sorry.” She repeated the verse as if it were a chant with maybe a hope that the Gods would hear


her apology and bring her precious Narizz back to her.


She was so consumed in her grief she didn't notice the shadow clad figure slip up next to


her, nor did she feel the gentle prod as the assassin, almost mournfully, slipped his curved dagger


under her ribs and into her broken heart that shuddered on last time, then was still.


“Da spirits hear you girl and grant you release from your pain.” The blue skinned troll


whispered reverently into her slowly cooling ear.


With a sigh, Bolath picked up Mellay's lifeless body and carried her into the crevasse


where Narizz's corpse now lay, after Bolath had retrieved him from the rocky shore, while


Mellay had been catatonic to her surroundings.


“I told you Mon dat she be gettin' ya killed.” The troll said as he gently patted his friend's


thigh as he stood up and made ready to leave this sad place.


“I hope the two of ya finally found your peace in this harsh uncarin' world.” As Bolath


slipped through the crevasse and began to mount his raptor, a warm breeze picked up and swirled


around the troll rogue's body, and in it's wake he heard the voices of his friend and the woman


that he had loved more than life itself. “Thank you...” They seemed to say one last time before


making their way into the darkening sky.


“Spirits,” Bolath chuckled, and then gave his reins a quick snap, heading back toward


Silvermoon and a certain barmaid in a avian named bar.




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