5 kids who gain the power of the 5 natural elements: Alex/ Earth, Hannah/Water, Fiona/Air, Jessica/Fire, Jenny/lightning.


5. Chapter 5

“I see you have super human abilities as well. This will be the end of you five horrid children!” The evil, twisted man said. He charged at them and sent Jess flying. Fiona created a mini tornado underneath jess and cushioned her fall. Alex created plants underneath the destructive man. The man pulled it apart. Jess, after recovering from her fall, blasting fire out of her hands and it burned him. Jenny struck down lightning and shocked him, he was in pain then suddenly Fiona blew him away and Hannah squirted him and then Fiona froze the water. He was stuck, the kids ran away before he could unfreeze. “Come back here and fight you wimps!” They were long gone.       


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