5 kids who gain the power of the 5 natural elements: Alex/ Earth, Hannah/Water, Fiona/Air, Jessica/Fire, Jenny/lightning.


3. Chapter 3

After weeks of discussing, they decided that they could use their abilities for good. They have always dreamed of being super heroes and now their dream was coming true!

Meanwhile, in their school the p.e teacher Mr. Percent walked to his office and saw the same style bag that the kids had on their lockers and in the ugly old bag was a pendant with a body on it, this represents super strength, speed and mind abilities (telepathy telekinesis). With these super human abilities he would be an unstoppable villain. The head master came into the office and told him he was fired. He got so angry and punched him, the head teacher flew across the room and Mr Percent ran away. Aware of the man he was about to become. “I could bring misery to the kids who got me fired...”

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