5 kids who gain the power of the 5 natural elements: Alex/ Earth, Hannah/Water, Fiona/Air, Jessica/Fire, Jenny/lightning.


2. Chapter 2

Ring!!!" went the bell, it was the end of the day, they were clueless about the abilities they were about to gain. As they walked home the powers kicked in.... Alex had a troubling day because he was failing Science and was quite angry. Whilst he was talking his anger grew and plants started to sprout around them trapping them in vines and flowers."Ahh!" He said "Was that me?" he asked. Jess started to wriggle out of it then her hands caught on fire and burnt away the plants but fire spread rapidly. Hannah was screaming and water came gushing out of her hands. Fiona started breathing heavily and caused a small tornado freezing the left over water. Jenny held her hands up in shock and lightning came crashing down! What was happening to them?  

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