5 kids who gain the power of the 5 natural elements: Alex/ Earth, Hannah/Water, Fiona/Air, Jessica/Fire, Jenny/lightning.


1. Chapter 1

On a typical English rainy day 5 young school children named Alex, Jess, Fiona, Hannah and Jenny walked in their private year 7 area where their lockers were but as they walked towards them a bag mystically appeared on each of their lockers.  Alex, with suspicion looked in the bag. Inside each of the bags were magical pendants which gave the wearer the power of one of the 5 natural elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, to match the corresponding pictures on the pendants. Alex picked out the one with the rose on it, this is the element of earth. Jess picked the pendant with a flame on it; this is the power of fire. Fiona had the tornado; this is the ability of air. Hannah got a tidal wave on her necklace, so this is the element of water. Jenny had a lightning bolt which represents the power of lightning

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