A girl to a girl

Amber is experiencing the most wonderful experience in her life. Love. but when she meets Aileen, everything changes. Eileen is kind, considerate, loving.......


2. Eileen.

I knew I had to have her. Froom the moment we connected, fireworks went off in my head. She was more powerful than the most addictive drug. i wanted more. When I walked into the park, she was there, wearing her skimpiest clothes. Good thing too, cause so was I. "hi Amber" she purred, in a seductive, sexy voice. I leapt onto her and said, "will you go out with me?" The magic word was spiken "yes". After that the night was a chain of howls, grunts, heavy breathing, and messy, messy love. I needed more. Eileen clearly did too. "come home with me." so I was dragged naked through the park to her house. We climbed in her window and leapt onto her bed. "my parents are away, but just in case." she smirked. "now time for the fun stuff. It was the most exillerating night of my life. There is no experience better than true love. "I think I love you Eileen." "good, cause I love you too"

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