A girl to a girl

Amber is experiencing the most wonderful experience in her life. Love. but when she meets Aileen, everything changes. Eileen is kind, considerate, loving.......


1. Alex

"Hey Alex" I wrap my arms round his slender neck, and he returns the hello with a playful kiss on my nose. I can feel someone is watching us, so I casually scan the room. A girl with piercing blue eyes and wavy blonde hair is staring at us. At me. Omigod I think shes jealous that Alex is my boyfriend. I force myself to look back at Alex and I drink in his chocolate brown eyes, his hazelnut hair, his ID necklace, his converse, his superdry bag, his muscly arms-"hey babe whats up?" Alex looks at me. I can se his eyes looking at my straight black hair, my green eyes, my manicured nails, my short skirt. He stops when he gets to my breasts the carries on to my shoes, my pride of joy, my red rocket dogs. He leans in, and we have a huge snog. his hands work up my body and hold my breasts. I look round. thank god everyone was gone to class. "Alex!" I hiss. "we can't do IT here!" "I know babez, I just want to get a taste." he grins. "See you soon" he blows me a kiss and we both walk to class. It's the same old day. Mrs Morgan is calling out the register. "Amber Dincaster." "Present." thats me. Amber. " "Eileen Tansa" I look round, to see the girl with the curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She says present then looks back at her notebook. I look her up and down. She's pretty, i guess. Her shoes are blue, and I now recognise them as rocket dogs! Her eyes look up, and when she sees me, her mouth curls into a smile and her eyes twinkle. she's pretty when she smiles. As class finishes and we all stampeed out the classroom, Eileen comes over and says "hi, looks like we'll be seeing each other a lot." As she goes to see a teacher about something or another, I go and join my friends, and Alex. They don't see me, and they're all tossing their heads and smiling. One of my friends, Elise, moves in and whispers in his ear. He grins, and suddenly they grab each other, and lock their lips together. Before we knew it, they'd be in bed together1 I could see him squeezing her breast. I could see her twirling her toungue in his mouth. I had to stop this. I was feeling dizzy, but even so, I marched forward and said "ALEX!! how could you do this to me?!" Alex looks shocked then says "Babe, I'ts not what you think it is! honest!" I was walking off at that moment, but then I turned and screamed, "NO! WE'RE OVER! GO SNOG ELISE IF YOU WANT FUN!" I run off to cry in the ladies room. I hadn't noticed that Eileen was here too. "hey Amber. What's wrong? "nothing," I snivelled. "I heard you and Alex broke up." "yeah." "emm I know this is awkward, but have you ever considered....A girl?" My heart did a triple flip and I looked into her eyes, knowing what she meant. She grabbed my waist, and suddenly we were kissing. we stumbled into a cubicle, and ripped of our clothes. We were having so much fun, but we knew it would end soon. We got changed, and with one more snog i whispered, "you, me, at park, at 10. be there" she grabbed me in places then let go. I knew that I was no longer straight. I was a lesbian. And I wanted Eileen. now.

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