A girl to a girl

Amber is experiencing the most wonderful experience in her life. Love. but when she meets Aileen, everything changes. Eileen is kind, considerate, loving.......


3. After teen years.

Eileen and I have never argued, broken up, done anything to break our relationship. so when we moved out of college, all we wanted to do was move into our own house. This afternoon Eileen had some special news. "Sweetie, come here" she was on her knee, and holding a blue velvet box. "Amber Brooke Dinchester, will you marry me?" "YES YES YES!" now, several years later, we are still lesbians together, and we have an adopted son and daughter. Eileen and i are very happy. And if you dare discriminate people for who they are, which may be smart, may be dumb, may be gay may be straight, but a person is a person, and no matter what, they are who the are, and they make themselves happy with what they want. thank you for reading.









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