I Believe in Angels

If you have read Maximum Ride, then you would get what human Hybrids are......

____ 15 year old Willow, lives with her family... -Emma (14), Kelvin (15), Davin (15), Rachel (7) [Pronounced Ra/ch/el] and Garith (9). The year is 2099. Willow and her family are just like normal people, but with wings. They are know as Angel Hybrids. They escaped a lab called The Home, and have been in hiding for 7 years. But when the family are found, Willow and her family must run from their comfy home to be apart of a sick twisted game.

(Book 1 of I Believe in Angels)


2. Deleters

Sweat was pouring off my face. I've been having that dream for about seven years now. I looked across the room and saw Rachel and Emma, sleeping peacefully. Their faces looked angelicly in their sleep. I smiled before ripping the covers off me. I dressed simply in a blue jumper and jeans, blue high tops covering my white socks. I brushed my blond waist length hair, before tieing it up and putting it into a spikey bun. It spiked around my bun, like the sun. Though I had to use gel for the spikey strands. I'm a curly nob. I stared at the mirror in the hall way as I passed. My green eyes stared back at me. My light tan skin bounced off the mirror into my face. My light freckles glowing alittle brighter today. Nothing new though. I smiled.  I went to the kitchen to look for food. We didn't always live here. We lived in a lab building called The Home were scientists made new and "wonderful" experiments. I was one, so was my siblings.We were Angel Hybrids. 98% human 2% angel. Weird huh? But Howard Malark helped us escape after seven long years. He grabbed baby Rachel, and told us to wake up. We snaked our way out and lived in an abandoned house. It was huge, but we were safe. 7 years Howard lived with us, making us breakfast and helping us to learn. He died. We were out picking flowers, me and him, and there was a massive explosion. I ran back to the house. His sister and is son were there. I should of metioned, they escaped with us to. They were Deleters. But they were kind Deleters. I cried when I told them the news. Mirinda ran out the door and never came back. Howards son, Jakson who was my age at the time 8, left two years ago to find them. He would be turning 15 this year, but even he never returned. I was scared, so I took the role as head of the family. I rummaged through the cupboards, trying to find tins or food packages that we could nibble on. Nothing. I sighed heavily wishing The Home created some food fairies. I felt someone creep up on me. I turn and kicked them, square in the stomach. It was Garith, stumbling into a chair winded.

'Sorry Gari, reflexes....'

'I know Willow, I know' he said standing up again and grabbing juice from the fridge. He glugged it down, not stopping for breath. I smiled, before hearing a loud crashing.

'OW, GOD WHO MOVED THE TABLE NEXT TO THE DOOR!!!' Kelvin. He walked in, limping a bit.

'Well sorry, but it looked empty there' Emma said pushing him slightly, a sign for him to move. Emma was black. But she really stood out with the clothes she wears. She wears what's in style and it mkes her brown skin and eyes stand out beautifully. Herself and Kelvin sat down, giggling together. There was only two other people to come down stairs. Davin and Rachel.

'Kelvin, make yourself useful and make us breakfast.' He smiled, he knew what I was going to say next.

'You may be blind, but you can make a decent breakfast.' He stood up and bowed, making the younger ones laugh at him. Not meaningfully, kindly. I walked to the stairs, giggling myself. It took me two seconds to jump the stairs to the landing, throwing my arms in the air as a flourish. I dropped them and walked on, to wake up Rachel. I threw open Davin's door.

'Get up!' I said, letting go of the handle and walking away, hearing him moan as he moved. Sometimes I think he's a vampire. He's slow to get up. I creeped in on Rachel, who was getting her dungerees straps over her pale shouders. Her skin was really pale. She had put on a white t-shirt over herself and put some trainers on. White trainers.

'Ready?' I said smiling at her. Her shoulder length hair was washed and brushed making the blond shine even more than mine. Her pale blue eyes shined as well. She looked a lot like Garith, but that was because they were real siblings.

'Yeah Willow. Will you help me get the straps on?' I smiled.

'Of course.' I fell to my knees and started to clip them on. I love Rachel, she's cute she's funny she's...

'Maybe because I act like your little girl.' I stopped thinking, my face going pale a little.

'Whoops, read my mind again?' She nodded.

'Don't worry Willow no one will know, besides I love you too.'

We walked down stairs to the breakfast table, where Kelvin had made a delicious looking meal. We sat, and ate for ten minutes, loudly talking and making jokes. Rachel tapped the table making us all go quiet.

'Can we go for a walk today? We need air. We've been stuck in here for days and we need some air.' I smiled.

'Sure, how 'bout that?' Garith yelled and the others nodded. We loaded the sink, ready for when we returned and set off. Well, I had to make sure Garith put his trainers on instead of his slippers.


Rachel and Garith were running well head of us, me walking next to Emma, Kelvin next, Davin somewhere behind.

'Come on Davin, race you to that tree!' Emma yelled, starting to run. Davin grinned, and spread his wings out. He flew towards Emma, landed beside her and then ran towards the tree.

'No fair Davin!' I called.

'Emma wins!' He stopped before touching the tree.

'She never said I had to run all the way!' He was a MENACE!!! I glared at him whilest he laughed. Suddnenly they all started to laugh. I couldn't stay mad forever so I laughed along. Then a piercing scream filled the air. We turned. Rachel was running towards us still screaming.

'WILLOW!' she cried, just a hand reached out and grabbed her. The hand was connected to a figure that, stuffed her into a bag and threw her to another figure. The bag made a journey towards a helicopter before being loaded on. The pilots left the 'copter and started towards us. We spread our wings out, we knew what they were and who the ring leader was. It was Jakson. And Deleters. They had found us.

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