I Believe in Angels

If you have read Maximum Ride, then you would get what human Hybrids are......

____ 15 year old Willow, lives with her family... -Emma (14), Kelvin (15), Davin (15), Rachel (7) [Pronounced Ra/ch/el] and Garith (9). The year is 2099. Willow and her family are just like normal people, but with wings. They are know as Angel Hybrids. They escaped a lab called The Home, and have been in hiding for 7 years. But when the family are found, Willow and her family must run from their comfy home to be apart of a sick twisted game.

(Book 1 of I Believe in Angels)


1. Dreams (Prolouge)

I ran through the woods.


They were getting closer. Deleters, as we call them. Me and my family.


I kept running.


They were getting closer, as I could feel their cat like breath getting closer to my skin.




But I kept running.


Your probably wondering why I'm running.


Well I'm Willow. Willow Danger. Yes, thats my name. I'm a freak. A proper freak. I don't have three arms or, one eye and two noses, but I still say I'm a freak.


I continued to run to the clearing.


Yes a clearing.


I got there and frowned a little, as I skidded to a halt.


It was a dead end, a wall. I was faced with a cliff-edge.


It was a long way down.


One step over the edge and you could die.


I turned, panting, to face the Deleters. They were hissing through their smiles.  I smiled, raised my arms out to the sides.... and leaned back.... and fell. Remember how I said you would die if fell from the cliff, well I didn't. I unfolded my Wings and......


I opened my eyes. I gasped as I opened them. I sat up, panting heavily. I wiped my fore-head, as I looked around. I was safe in my house with my family. It was just a dream.

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